Scafetta – Announces 2020 End Of Year Plans (Live-Stream + Tour) [Announcement]

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Written by: Tate Beumel

Branded as an undead zombie, Scafetta is bringing the sound to life with his latest work. Born & raised in the great state of New York, he has been pushing and striving for 4 years to get where he is now. From rap beats to dubstep bangers, he is laying down the heat!

With songs such as “Click Clack”, produced for Motiks for release under Hardwired Records, “Animate” with Espioth debuting on Mythos Records, the entire self-released EP, “Save Me From Myself and the many remixes of tunes from your favorite artists, Scafetta shows you his level of sound diversity & his wide range of genre production. But that isn’t all for this year, there are 2 NEW tracks to be released via Psychocybin Recordings to end the year!

Scafetta is setting to be a solid player in the game. From online events, new releases and mixes & even a TOUR! Here is some of the future dates to see the man send it LIVE! There will be a shows before the end of 2020, Scafetta: Undead Tour at the Hot Rock Sports Bar & Music Cafe in on Dec 11th, & “Royal Livestream: Winter Edition”, a show for Suicide Action Montreal which is set for Dec 12th. There also a handful of shows to come in the year to come, including a few online events as well as the rest of The Undead Tour to be announced later on in 2021!

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