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[Australia-based] producers’ platform; Dub Wubz Promotions has unleashed the holy jackpot of tunes with their debut compilation album ‘DWP Vol 1.’ The plethora of music, jam-packed in size, and spewing with neck-breaking goodness is all the mind-altering work of 25 producers, aggregating to 21 tracks.

We are always thrilled to work with such a wildly talented team over at DWP, and for this monumental compilation to round off and finish up our 2020 year is just what the doc’ has ordered!
Ranging in skillsets, style, and soundscapes this compilation has it all.
Decipher and Mr. Fink opening the amassment-of-music with ‘My Wook Ways‘ skyrockets the energy and bar or the rest of the compilation. Continuing on with a severe dose of dubstep, riddim, and experimental bass; you’ll find your vibe. Some honorable mentions are Collossus‘s ‘Alien Entity‘, DOOD x EVO‘s ‘Riddim Arcade‘ and Brayn x STCKY‘s ‘Strange Invaders‘.
Granted the whole DWP Vol 1. slaps, mad props to you all. Stellar work.

In this feisty roundup, is our storm frequenters Decipher, Mr. Fink, Espioth, Astroreign, Skitzoid, TerrorForm, Meregodz, and along with them include some fresh new faces to our blog; Marual, Vorial, Brayn, STCKY, Colossus, Kerberus, Oneki, Dredgen, Hybrid Screech, DOOD, EVO, WESKVV, Dream Eater, Sazke, Mush, SE7EN, Blood Klotz, and SLUICE.

[Listen to DWP Vol. 1]

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