Scafetta. The Undead Graveyard of Dubstep and Darkness

Dave Scafetta, or simply put, Scafetta. This multi-textured bass music titan has made a name for himself over the last half decade and has no intentions of stopping. His zombie like imagery should not scare you or lead you to undermine his abilities. This undead dubstep demon is a graveyard full of beats. Please welcome, Scafetta to our undying storm.


Question 1: Where does the name Scafetta come from? Walk us through those introductory moments as your alias you are today!

Answer 1: The name “Scafetta” comes straight from my last name, growing up, most people called me this, so I had a name figured out as soon as I started.

Question 2: You’re a very industrious and active artist. Was this natural or did your entrepreneurial skills come over time?

Answer 2: Thank you, I think it is a mix between both. A Lot of things come naturally but there can also be many things you learn along the way. I think I learned the most in the last few years.

Question 3: Bass music is your forte.  What lead you down the road of dubstep and beyond?

Answer 3: In high school, I was introduced to screamo music such as bands like , Attack Attack!, Asking Alexandria, The Devil Wears Prada, Etc, and hearing just the slightest little bit of EDM influence in these bands, is what basically brought me down the dubstep road.

Question 4:
What is it like to live in  the day of the life of Scafetta?

Answer 4: Each day is always different for sure ranging from work related things, to visiting family when I can, and of course, studio time.

Question 5: What next in terms of collaborations? Can you say what is next?

Answer 5: I actually have quite a bit of collaborations on route, A few with a great vocalist named “BVLVNCE” and a few collaborations with some of the DeathStarCult members as well.

Question 6: How would you summarize your relationship with Deathstar Cult? We hear you have a major appearance in Georgia?

Answer 6: DeathStar Cult was founded earlier this year by Jarren Purser and Travis Bisbee, and after we scheduled the first release on the label I inquired to help out with the A/R Department, and from there, Built an awesome relationship with the DeathStar Cult Label and family. Ill be headlining a festival with Champagne Drip and Riot In October 2020 and then in 2021, We are hosting a SoundCamp at Imagine  Festival, and I will be performing there.

Question 7: Favorite food and or drink before a set? Or is that a no-go?

Answer 7: To be honest, I don’t like to eat before my sets, Always after, and usually it’s something not healthy at all.

Question 8: If you could sell-out any festival and with any lineup, who is it and where?

Answer 8: I’d say the Lost Lands lineup every year is pretty much the artists I’d throw on this bill if I was trying to sell out a festival. Herobust, Wooli, Calcium, Excision are musts though.

Question 9: What can we anticipate in the near future or down the road in regards to your musical aspirations?

Answer 9: Lots and Lots of new music coming this fall and winter. I pretty much spent most of quarantine  building an arsenal of tunes for the near future.

Question 10: Who do you see killing it lately? Give them a shout out!

Answer 10: Lots of artists are killing it now a days, Blaize, Finderz Keeperz, Canino, and Jvmpskare, are my favorites right now.

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