SVBLE – ‘Chroma//Shift’ | Recall Records [EP Write-Up + Interview] NEW 5-Track EP

We Awaken Our Senses with SVBLE’s ‘Chroma//Shift’ EP on Recall Records With 5 Intense Tracks

Written by: Garth Jones


[Nashville, Tennessee-based] electronic bass music producer SVBLE enters our storm with a massive and cutting-edge debut EP titled ‘Chroma//Shift‘ brimming with five mind-altering tracks. Each given two names separated by a double-forward slash such as in the EP title, adding an element to each track that is synonymous with dual-meanings and twice the flare.

Where this EP will take you is on the intellectual journey in the mind of SVBLE while exemplifying what each track on the extended play means and stands for. A diverse array of auditory experiences, where the future meets the present and amalgamated your very senses into something that cannot be explained, only experienced firsthand.

We chat with SVBLE on his origins, inspirations to create this EP, his daily (secret) routine to make such impactful music, his summer plans, and who he believes is outright putting in the work, time, and energy to stay ahead of the game.

So, by all means; grab a snack, drink, or come empty-handed, because you will undeniably be walking away with some insight, new music, and potentially with a new favorite dance music artist in your repertoire.

Bright//Blade | Judgement//Ray | Chroma//Shift | Blackrose//Knight | Rose//Dust

[Interview: SVBLE]

pictured: SVBLE

Q1: Welcome to our torrential downpour, SVBLE. Can you walk us through your introduction and forthcoming into dance music? Where did this all begin for you?

A1: Yo! Thank you so much for having me. I was introduced to bass music when a friend showed me ‘Bass Cannon’ by Flux Pavilion circa 2011. To say the least, I was blown away. I went searching for similar music and stumbled upon Skrillex’s remix of Cinema and it was love at first listen. It wasn’t until 2014 that I decided to start making bass music after I attended the final mothership tour and witnessed Skrillex live. The whole experience just captured me at my core, and I knew that’s what I wanted to do someday. 

Q2: Where does your moniker come from, SVBLE?

A2: At the beginning of this project I knew I wanted to create something people could connect with on a deeper level. The best way I felt like I could accomplish that was to create a story and a world for my music to exist in. Stories have central characters and characters need a name that is memorable to be memorable themselves. While brainstorming I found the word “sable” which is used to describe something as dark or black. Being the emotion-strong and often the moody individual that I am, the name fits like a glove. Thus SVBLE was born.

Q3: Your new EP Chroma//Shift is out now on Recall Records! Congrats to you on the 5-track release. In regards to the release, where did the inspiration come from to create this track, and what was the motivating force that ultimately led you to the finishing point? 

A3: Thank you! Chroma//Shift tells the origin story of our central character SVBLE. Each song is a different chapter unfolding and within it a new obstacle to overcome. At its core, it is a story of overcoming hardship and awakening to a deeper, truer self. The story of SVBLE and myself are mirrored and all of these “chapters” reflect personal struggles or trials I’ve experienced in my life. With that in mind, I hoped releasing this EP could help at least one person in the same way that writing helped me process the challenges in my life. That’s probably my main motivation for finishing, to share my experiences through art, and to encourage others to awaken to their true potential.

Q4: There are five tracks on the EP, all diverse and articulate. Which one was most challenging to finish and how did you overcome that hump?

A4: Each track had its own unique set of challenges on the road to completion. The title track ‘Chroma//Shift’ in particular is a song I have been writing and rewriting for over 2 years. All of them have been long and laborious acts of love. Any time I got stuck I would take some time away and come back to the EP with a shifted mindset. Usually, that time taken would teach me something new or provide a new perspective that led to a breakthrough. 

Q5: How do you accomplish the perfect balance between storytelling and add bone-crushing bass to then bring the production together as one cohesive unit like you’ve done with the EP we have here at hand? Give us the breakdown, SVBLE! 

A5: Well that’s a huge compliment, so thank you for that. I don’t think I have a good answer to that question yet. There are so many small steps along the way that culminate into the result. Maybe just be intentional about the music that you write or the art that you make. Give it purpose and meaning.  Whatever lights your world up with color, use that to paint experiences and stories the way that you see them in your mind. And perhaps most importantly, the way that you feel them in your heart.

Q6: In what ways do you plan on finishing off 2021 to make it that much more memorable?

A6: Well I have the Vital Force mini-tour through the mid-south starting July 6th with my friends RUDASHI, T3L3PORT, and SOULJUNK from Nashville. Then I’m going to take a little time to step back and start working on writing some new material to see what comes next for our friend SVBLE and his journey now that he is awakened.

Q7: What’s an ideal day in the studio look like? Is there a secret routine or regimen to bust out the best music? 

A7: No secrets here. I’m an early riser, so I greet the day around 6 am, make time for breakfast and a source of caffeine, and then I show up and do the work! Some days I’ll come up with an idea quickly and effortlessly, other days are completely consumed by tweaking an individual sound or element in the mix.

Q8: Who is utterly slaying it SVBLE’s opinion? Give them a salute and shout-out! 

A8: NUU$HI and Leotrix have been insane inspirations lately, Oolacile’s label Halcyon just keeps churning out amazing work non-stop. Recall Network of course is a huge inspiration! All the homies in Nashville always have my love, and a special appreciation is in order for the Monsoon Season team for giving me the chance to elaborate on something so special to me. Thank you for this.

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