DAGAVAQ – Tennessee’s Music Major Pushing Limits And Boundaries [Interview]

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Please welcome DAGAVAQ to the storm!

Q1: Thanks for joining us, we are elated to finally have you! Can you give us the origin story of the name and idea behind the Dagavaq name? 

A1: Yes, D stands for king david from the bible, the three A’s stands for Pyramid of Giza and the v is the corner piece of the diamond meaning forever. As for the rest, it is the composer’s name I knew that always will and does have my back in the music industry.

Q2: For the unknowing readers, and soon-to-be fans of course, where are you from? 

A2: Tennessee, US

Q3: Can you tell us how you got your start in the music industry and what lead you into the dance music world? What ultimately kept you? 

A3: From 1999- 2004 I worked on my first ep album and I had my first song posted on YouTube. It was called “let the rhythm send you”. David Seva of Southern Sounds Studio fixed my song at that time. He worked with many known artists before me. I do remember that the first dance song that got me into edm was by Sonquie “Feels So Good”.

Q4: What impact do you wish to have on the world, whether it’s music or being a role model for others?

A4: I would like for people to wake up every day with smiles on their faces knowing that they heard great music from me and it made their day everyday. I also hope to inspire autistic people, like myself, that went from low functioning autistic to high functioning by the frequencies of bass to be able to react on a daily basis. 

Q5: If someone is dealing with writers-block or just cannot find the mental groove to get into to learn & write music. Do you have any advice for them? 

A5: Listen to music that inspires you differently. Also, have an open mind and heart

Q6: Are there any causes that you personally advocate for? Can you speak on this topic for us?

A6: I have autism, organic brain syndrome, depression & bipolar disorder. I have to take a lot of naps everyday of my life to function. That being said I am an advocate for anyone dealing with these issues on a day to day basis. 

Q7: What is life like in the shoes of Dagavaq? Walk us through a Day-In-The-Life of you!

A7:  I see the world as one home and one family. We all make decisions we like & ones we don’t like sometimes but you have to love each other as ourselves.

Q8: Are there any exciting changes coming in 2021? 

A8: Yes new music, videos and albums. Maybe an online stream performance or two. (wink,wink)

Q9: Are there any special projects outside of your own music production that you are currently working on? Can you tell us about it?

A9:  I would like to say I’m working on a hobby that looks at the stars in the sky with my telescope but really I’m a die hard music maker. So that encompasses all of my projects. 

Q10: How do you find time to manage and balance your own music production as well as your other daily responsibilities?

A10: Focus on things one at a time until I’m done with each thing.

Q11: What artists inspire you the most to make music? Are there any artists outside the dance realm that also inspire you?

A11:  1900s Elvis, Bruce Haack, Pink Floyd, Delta Blues, Bass Mekanik, Baby Anne, Techmaster Peb 

Q12: Where has been your favorite place to perform or play music? 

A12: House of Blues! It’s an amazing place to relax and hear great music!

Q13: Who or what has been a key player or instrumental in your growth and success? 

A13: The song by I Prevail called “Rise” and my favorite quote of it is “Gotta push through the pain and make people believe…”

Q14: Who do you believe deserves more spotlight and recognition in their music careers?

A14: Miami Bass, all the producers and DJs from there and Vampa I love her to death and her music.

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Thank you so much, DAGAVAQ!

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