Nuclear Ninja – Smoke Em [Track Write-Up]

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‘Smoke Em’
Nuclear Ninja

[Denver-based] bass music artist Nuclear Ninja radiates his imminent heat, turning his new release Smoke Em’ to pure carbon. This Colorado warhead is a weapon of mass-destruction with his explosive catalog of tunes only growing, fuming with seismic proportion. His localized arsenal gleaming with remixes such as Mport’s ‘Proximity’, and his recent collaboration with Anomalous; ‘The End’, we can assuredly run for cover, the fallout is approaching with ‘Smoke Em’.

Front to back, ‘Smoke Em’ delivers a bewildering amount of heavy-bass suitable for any and all bassheads. The newly released original from Nuclear Ninja administers his signature bass-forward wobbles and drop with an elevated appeal.
Nuclear Ninja then puts ‘Smoke Em‘ in his version of an atomic collider and speeds up the BPM for a refreshing and energetic helping of upbeat friction to the track. Something we can all enjoy from this rising talent from the Centennial State.

Keep your eyes peeled for this maniac, as he is lengthening and expanding his reach in this world. His sound is getting more and more defined as the artist develops and begins his mutation.
This is not a test, please seek shelter immediately. Operation Nuclear Ninja has now been initiated.

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