Grisly – Chasing Dreams [Track Write-Up]

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‘Chasing Dreams’

[Jacksonville-based] dubstep tyrant of tunes Grisly rejoins the storm in hot pursuit with his newest release ‘Chasing Dreams. This bass-music installation in the Grisly musical catalog is a pure example of his drive and creativity factor in the studio. His manageability in displaying larger-than-life heavy sounds mixed with his soft intros and outro really sets this feature apart from the rest.

Grisly is not f**king around with his freshest release off the production press, in all honesty. Don’t let the elegant intros fool you, as they are contrarily the tip of the iceberg. The thick of this track immensely builds a tyrannical beatdown of bass in pure Grisly fashion. The energetic and volatile drops carry so much merit in their outpour. What a textbook track to feast upon after this seasonal holiday.

Grisly will continue to shred and claw his way to the top as the beast he is continuing to become. With a heaping remix of Bring Me The Horizon‘s ‘Drown‘ and a plethora of original releases teeming at no end, his arsenal will outgrow others in no time at all.

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