Jaxx – Get Away (ft. CARZi): Bass Voyage Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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[Calgary-based] dance music artist Jaxx meanders off to located us, clasping his newest release ‘Get Away’ featuring CARZi, out on Bass Voyage Records. This future house fabrication holds it down as an upbeat, warm, and elegant track to keep you going this coming winter season. Jaxx and [Adelaide-based] vocalist CARZi together make for a wildly adventurous and synergistic duo.

As the track begins and makes way into your central nervous system, it progresses into a stimulating and electrifying introduction. Maintaining it’s appeal and energy with hard hits and the reinforcement in the vocal display of CARZi‘s lyrics; we can almost rest assured this can’t get any better… until it happens. It does get better, increasingly at a meteoric rate, we are succumbed to the efforts of these two giving off pure radiation and joy in every second and build up, ending in every drop.

We are going to keep our eye on this particular set of musicians in the 2021 upcoming year. We haven’t a doubt we can assume the anticipation for another great collaborative work like this is real. Until then, ‘Get Away’.

[Listen to Get Away]

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