Hriday Talur – Beyond Horizons [Track Write-Up]

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Hriday Talur
‘Beyond Horizons’

[Dubai-based] melodic-bass music artist Hriday Talur takes us on a jaunt of an adventure into the ever-growing spectrum of sound with their new release ‘Beyond Horizons‘. A journey into deep-space, we explore the end of the universe and more with this new and exciting driven bass-walk into tomorrow. Joining Hriday Talur’s growing catalog of tunes alongside ‘Waves’ will be this release from the Dubai-residing producer.

Stay up to date with all things fresh and upcoming in the realm of Hriday Talur. We are expecting an implosive year for the up and coming talent. Melodic bass is making it’s way into the hearts, souls, and ears of the world and we are blessed to have a catchy release like this here today.

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[Listen to Beyond Horizons]

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