Rescve – Edge Of The Horizon: Deathstar Cult Ltd Release [EP Write-Up]

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Edge Of The Horizon EP



A four track EP released by Deathstar Cult Ltd just recently on the 6th. The year of 2020 has presented the community with an absolute storm of new heavy-bass electronic dance music. In this flurry of new releases it is easy for an artist to get lost in the ‘saturation-of-the-scenes’ explosion. Rescve is not going to be one of those artists. This is the first multi-track release from Bennet Jurges under the Rescve moniker.

Edge Of The Horizon‘ is a visceral and emotion-filled journey that transverses the entire spectrum of human emotions. The EP features four tracks that all tie together very nicely as a package deal. Rescve takes on multiple forms in this release.

The writers personal favorite is the beautiful and harmonic tear jerking track ‘Falling‘. The downright violent and full throttle adrenaline-fueled ‘Welcome To The Onslaught‘ is equally impressive in a totally different way.

With the other two tracks, Rescve takes the listener on a true adventure to the edges of the current sounds in heavier EDM. ‘Black Sun‘ and ‘Run To You’ are searing our ears and mind with the immovably unscathed talents and capabilities of this bass-music producer. Each track exemplifying his abilities tenfold.

This album follows multiple self-released singles that laid the foundation for the transition away from Bennet‘s previous alias “Horizon.” With this spectacle of an EP, Rescve finds a comfortable position as a clear leader in the pack of artists at Deathstar Cult Ltd.

Be sure to treat yourself and enjoy ‘Edge Of The Horizon‘ by Rescve.

[Written by: Travis Bisbee]

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