GAIRN – Djenti: Badkill Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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We step into an all-immersive world with GAIRN as he releases a bombshell bass-track packed to the top with maniacal artistry and talent. Bewildering wobble waves lace the entirety of this berserk track. An electrifying, wildly impressive, and all-out-assault of a chopped guitar note that engulfs your eardrums in all the best ways. The track is surprisingly less than three minutes long, but (honestly) it has spoken so much volume in that short period of time that I didn’t even notice until I had looked. Now that alone, is an exemplification of ‘captivating’. Assuredly on repeat folks, this is Djenti where you can find it on Badkill Records.

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[10/10 Recommend]



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Written by: Garth Jones

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