Wicked Records Release: Rage-Bot – Slayer [Track Write-up]

Denver-based rising bass-music machine, Rage-Bot is a manufacturing maniacal music with no signs of slowing down his output. Not just now, but recently with Hunters, here with Slayer, and the upcoming track feature on Biophaze RecordsFree Halloween Compilation (more on that later).
Honorably, it looks as if Wicked Records has had the pleasure of releasing this track, Slayer. The world of fury, death, and dubstep is well-put and displayed here in this track. Big ups to both teams for putting it on and out!
Something tells me I’m not going to like this. Sure thing bud, keep telling yourself that. Instantaneously (upon drop) this original mix is destined for you to jam the f**k out and accept you own demise. Rage-Bot is back with another devilishly well-put together track, and Wicked Records being the catalytic release of this dark dubstep decimation! Let this track warm up your autumn-time auditory needs, now sit back, and enjoy the track. Let the machine take control of your system.
Listen here:

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