Bassassin. San Diego’s Stealthy Sound Assassin

Bassassin, surfacing from the captivating views of San Diego, California joins the ever-growing storm! This rambunctious wrangler of robot noises has been turning heads for sometime now and we are lucky to have this opportunity. Allow his interview to fill in any blanks!

Please welcome the stealthy sounds of Bassassin to the storm!

Q1: Welcome to our ever-growing storm! Can you introduce yourself to our readers and your soon-to-be fans? Walk us through the shoes of Bassassin?

A1: I’m Bassassin from San Diego. I don’t like to limit myself to a single genre which is why I produce and dj many types of music. Pre-COVID you could of caught me spinning every weekend in downtown San Diego. Now I’m taking this time to create as much content in between being a father to two daughters and great husband to wife. I want to say thank you to all taking the time to learn more about me.

Q2: What musical genre are you primarily working with right now?

A2: I have a bass house remix of Ghastly‘s song Help  coming out on Friday, shooting a music video for a dubstep song. And in the winter I will release a Riddim EP and one track will feature Serj Tankian from System Of A Down

Q3: How have you been occupying your 2020 year? Any sort of new ventures we can expect to see in 2021?

A3: I have a wife, 2 daughters, and a husky at home so my time is very occupied. My non-musical endeavors are the twitch channel I have with my wife where we do watch parties of movies and my YouTube channel

Q4: What’s your favorite thing to do after a set? Back to the green room or head to the crowd?

A4: I like to go back to my table to finally sit down and watch the DJ after me.

Q5: Walk us through the creative process behind Rage Room? What about your new remix for Ghastly‘s track Help?

A5: Rage Room came about after going to see Sweet Tooth and Jojo Greenz in San Diego and I wanted to make a heavy dubstep song like the ones they played. The video concept came immediately as I created the song. Due to COVID-19 i couldn’t film the music video for a while but now during the reopening I’m able to. Help came about when Bobby Martini reached out to have a few producers remix that song and I have been wanting to do bass house for a while. This was a perfect opportunity for me. 

Q6: What has been your experience with festivals in regards to witnessing wild shit? Give us an example of a time you couldn’t believe your eyes!

A6: At festivals I’m the one doing the wild shit. I’m the one starting fires on the lawn, sneaking in liquor bottles, or knocking over trash cans. 

Q7: Who is in your scope as far as collaborations go?

A7: Most my collabs are with rappers on my beats. I have spoken to HPNTK about a possible collaboration. 

Q8: Dream venue/festival? Where and why?

A8: Dream venue is still the amphitheater in Chula Vista. Main stage or one of the stages on asphalt.

Q9: Who do you see killing it on the daily? Shout-them out!

A9: Myself! But seriously though check out Ryden.


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