Smiles Only. Three Best Friends Are Better Than None in Canada

Smiles Only, a trio of pals, hailing from Canada are slicing, dicing, and simply slaying it. These three originated as a three separate solo projects, but ultimately fused their collective processes , passions, and creative mindsets. This amalgamation has left nothing but smiles on the patrons who have been lucky to listen.
Please welcome the trusty trio, Smiles Only to the storm!

Q1: Welcome to the storm! What is the originating story behind the moniker Smiles Only?

A1: Thanks so much! The three of us met through working for Emengy Records. Initially, we all made music under solo aliases but over time we became extremely good friends, and we deiced that if we were to work together that we could bring something really unique to the industry. So all three of us put our solo aliases aside and began working on Smiles Only.

Q2: Your music style primarily sides with dubstep. Where does the fascination derive from?

A2: Honestly, it would have to be the intricate sound design and the fact the dubstep has always been a genre that keeps on evolving. The genre itself has always been extremely flexible, from brostep to colour bass and everything in between. It really gives us the opportunity to make something unique.

Q3: What part of Canada are you in? What do you feel this part of the country in Canada has done best in terms of music for you all?

A3: We’re from Vancouver, BC! We honestly love it here. Everyone part of the EDM community in Vancouver is extremely close and really support upcoming talent. It really feels like the underdogs are people’s favorites to go see, which is really an awesome and welcoming feeling.

Q4: Who is on your radars right now as far as collaborative work goes?

A4: Definitely Kermode, Alecs Rivera, Trounce, Flatland Funk, Mully, Say Word, and a lot more. We don’t want to give away too many spoilers on what’s to come in the future though.

Q5: What has been your highlight moment thus far in your career?

A5: Our highlight so far would definitely be having some of our idles and favorite EDM artists liking our music and giving us a lot of positive feedback. It’s definitely a moment that we didn’t think would happen, and it completely made us explode with emotions

Q6: Can you give us a breakdown of what you’re using in your studio to achieve these tunes of destruction?

A6: Absolutely! For monitors, all three of us have Adam speakers. We all work in Ableton Live 10 and for our plugins and VSTs to name a few, we use Xfer records Serum, Fab Filters Pro Q3 & Pro L 2, Sound Toys Decapitator, Oxfords Inflator and Ableton stock plugins. Also, Splice has been a huge helping hand on finding our exact sound.

Q7: Can you walk us through your recent remixes in terms of creative processes when you made heaters like “Parachute“, “No Mercy“, and “Miss You“?

A7: When it comes to any song, our creative process normally starts with having one of us having the main idea of a track and working on it until we run out of creative ideas. Then after that, we just send the project to each other back and forth until the song is finished. It’s simple but it really helps us get songs done quickly and it makes sure we all have creative input.

Q8: What we can expect next in the musical paths of Smiles Only?

A8: Lately we’ve been trying to bridge the gap in our music to balance melodic with bass. We’ve been really pushing ourselves to step out of just making tracks and instead, writing stories with our music with a meaning behind it.

Q9: Who do you believe deserves more credit in their up and coming musical journey? Give them a shout-out below!

A9: Oh wow so many artists, the underground community is absolutely killing it. To name a few, Paper Skies, SpaceYeti, Trounce, Gyrofield, Dasvin, Sleepwalkers, Tea Timerz, Majora, and Kris Cayden. This is just a shortlist of people catching our ear but as we said, there is so many out there and the list keeps on growing 

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