RIPTID3. Bringing The Tsunami Of Tunes To The Shores Of California

Logan Eiselt, residing in San Mateo, California, is the wave-bringer. Literally and metaphorically speaking, of course. He brings the waves in the form of music, and in the form of physicality. His ocean of music, are all crushing and current (no pun intended). This roaring and talented music producer is making a name for himself. Don’t hold your breathe, or do!
Please welcome, RIPTID3 to the storm!

Q1: Welcome to the storm! We are pumped to have you!
What can you tell us about the origin story behind the RIPTID3 phenomenon?

A1: Thank you for having me, I am excited to be working with you! RIPTID3 came to me from my connection with the ocean. Ever since I was a child, the ocean and I have had a beautiful relationship. When I am at the beach and can watch the waves, I feel like I am at peace. It brings me a euphoric place of happiness and tranquility. I get the exact same feeling when I’m sitting in front of my computer making music or playing guitar. I want my brand to show people the true beauty of the ocean, and to share that same feeling I get at the ocean with my audience. I also want my brand, RIPTID3, not to just be about the ocean or my music or me as myself, but as a therapeutic escape from reality. As far as my music goes, I have always had a passion for it. When I was a child, I really had an interest in the piano and guitar. I learned to teach myself a bit of piano, and could usually play anything I heard. As I got older, I got really into music parodies (trust me, idk why either lmao). I downloaded a bunch of music software like audacity and garageband and started making funny remakes of hit songs. During this time, I was really inspired with Hip Hop and Rap, so I began to make beats/instrumentals. Throughout this process, I tried picking up singing. I would make instrumentals that we’re super cheesy and write my own songs, singing on my own tracks. However, I had to take a break from music for a while, as I had joined the Army. During my time of service, It was a hard and difficult road. Lots of stress comes with being in the military, and music is what helped me get through it. My friend Jacob took me and my buddy Cole to my first rave, where we saw Krewella. It was my first time in the edm scene and seeing what it was all about, and I fell in love with it immediately. This brought me back to producing my own music again, as I felt like I had just discovered a whole new genre of music I never knew existed! I knew I wanted to be a producer immediately, and so I picked up the books and began to learn as much as I could about music.  I started taking it seriously and dedicated my life to it!

Q2: You dropped Takin It Slow not too long ago. What did you have to do creatively do make this track? Walk us through that process.

A2: Man, this song was definitely a tough one. I think I went through 4 different drop ideas before I knew I had the right one. I added a lot of dubstep growls and elements in this song to make a heavy melodic track. It was the first time I really added something heavy in any of my tracks. I think my favorite part of the song were the vocal chops I used in the drop. I attached myself with them really deeply and worked the drop around them. That is what really inspired me to find the right touch for the song!

Q3: What is your favorite part about making music? And why is it your favorite?

A3: There are so many parts of making music that I love, as it does us many wonders. For me personally, as I previously stated, it is a therapeutic escape from my reality. There’s so much going on in our world right now, and through it all, music has always been my go to place to avoid it all and to feel alive. When I start creating, it lets me express myself freely.

Q4: Remixes or originals? What do you like about each, and dislike about each!

A4: Both remixes and originals are definitely fun to make. Remixes are a great way to take a song you love and that you can really attach yourself to and make it into something different that is you. That’s the beauty of music, is that there are really no limits to what you can do with it. As for what I don’t like about remixes, I guess it might be feeling like you have to make it better than the original. I feel like remixes are like movie series. Many movies that follow the original don’t end up turning out as great as the first. But there’s always those rare ones where each movie gets better and better til the end! Some remixes can definitely be better than the original, but artists tend to make remixes very different in their own way that don’t match with the original. But that’s what makes them special! Originals I think are much more meaningful to me. You chose to express yourself, the story, and the image of the song from scratch in whatever way you want. It’s also a way to create something nobody has made before that sounds amazing or makes you feel a certain type of way.

Q5: What has been the highest point in your career? Walk us through that time of illumination and joy!

A5: I think the highest point of my career was getting accepted into Icon Collective. Before joining the military, I knew I wanted to be a producer, and wanted to attend a school for music production. While I was in, I met my brother Jonathan (Shoutout to BRSKI), who told me about Icon when I expressed to him my interests in schooling. I gave it some research and found that it is an EDM based school which doesn’t just focus on production, but the building of an artist. Jonathan and I have been dying to go to our dream school, and after many months of our hard work and passion, we were both accepted into Icon. We will be leaving Los Angeles in February 2021 to better find our true selves as an artist, and to better educate ourselves to become the best versions of ourselves!

Q6: What do you expect to gain from 2020 that you can utilize in 2021 and beyond?

A6: Definitely getting accepted into Icon this year will benefit me tremendously for 2021, but besides that, I expect to continue to learn and make more music to put to use next year. This year I have also gotten my hands on some new toys, such as an electric guitar and a drum pad. I don’t see myself as a DJ, but as an artist/performer instead. I plan on taking my career to a live, cinematic performance with uses of live instruments. I think being able to play live really brings out more creativity, as well as having a more meaningful and powerful connection to your audience.

Q7: Walk us through your day-in-the-life. Sun up to sun down in the life of RIPTID3!

A7:  Well right now I am currently working 12hr graveyard shifts at a hospital, so on days that I work I am sleeping during the day and working the whole night. On my days of tho, I’ll wake up, cook some smackin’ breakfast burritos, take care of any errands I need to do, then work on music related things, such as music, sound design, building my merch line, practicing guitar, learning more about music production, updating my website, or creating new content for my social platforms! And I might sneak in some Modern Warfare every now and then 😉

Q8: Whose in your radar as far as collabs go? What can you tell us?

A8: As far as locals, definitely looking towards ZEBR4, Narc, DeFragz, PRISMATIX, BRSKI and JFRANK. Possibly another banger with Acer Vantes as well!

Q9: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them a healthy shout-out! Don’t be shy!

A9: Shit, there’s way too many to say. Honestly anybody who’s making music because you love it, shoutout to y’all! But as far as my locals go, gotta give a shout out to BRSKI, DeFragz, ZEBR4, Narc, PRISMATIX, JFRANK, Acer Vantez, Junkie, and Haztekk! Y’all are seriously making moves and have grown so much in the time I’ve known you guys! Keep it up and don’t stop doing what makes you happy. I believe in all of you and will support you all the way!

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