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Kai Vasey, is a Brisbane-based bass-music promotions label owner. His vision is clear, cut, and concise. That being to give artists a platform to mass-distribute their talents and art to the masses. This venture has lead him to the doors of finding artists and opportunities he could not dreamed of before manifesting Dub Wubz Promotions.
When you keep your head down during success and your head up during failure, like Kai, you can only assure yourself of a copious journey. That’s why you can never see Kai’s face.
Please welcome Dub Wubz to the storm.

Question 1: Where does your origin story begin in regards to the record company, Dub Wubz?

Answer 1: So, the story of DWP all starts with my own love and passion for the music industry. I studied a Music Business Diploma quite some years back (2015 I believe) and this stemmed my first thought process of how I could well easily run a label now that I had the knowledge to do so. However after many years, years which I was spending DJing and learning production, I ignored my ideas of wanting to start a label and even had friends who talked me out of it saying I should focus on my music, which in reality was them backing me and supporting my music. Nonetheless, after years of the idea sitting in my head and swelling into a bigger idea I realized that this was something I really wanted to pursue, I wanted to be able to create a platform which would assist those just like myself in getting heard and expanding their fan base in the ever-increasingly hard world of online promotion. In early 2019 I started the mother label of DWP, BossBass Recordings, which after 2 releases and 6 months of not much application or time spent into it, BossBass Recordings ceased existing. Only 6 months later I had taken the time to reevaluate myself and the steps I would need to take to actually create a label from scratch and get it moving, this was the birth of DWP. With Assistance from my good friend Matt Parker (Skitzoid) we set out to start creating a label that would be the next big thing for the dubstep industry.

Question 2: Why did you choose the prolific name, Dub Wubz?

Answer 2: The concept behind the name ‘Dub Wubz‘ comes from every dubstep artist who puts either Dub, Dubz or Wubz in the title or @ of their name as well as symbolizing the main (genre) focus and target of our label which goes without saying, Dubz and Wubz baby! I thought this would something that’s not only catchy but I was looking for something that would work when abbreviated, eg. DWP, which was inspired by Dirtysnatcha Records who back in the day used to be called Dirtysnatcha Promotions, or DSP

Question 3: What sort of advice can you give to up and coming artists looking to get signed to a label such as yourselves?

Answer 3: My advice would simply be to take your time, you can’t rush art, (which we we’re all trying to be artists, right)? So take your time, get that song to the best you can before sending it out and then don’t be disheartened if you don’t get replies back or don’t get back the same love and appreciation of your work that you have for it. A label not only is looking to do their best to highlight you and your brand, but it also has to worry about it’s own. In saying that, some labels have specific styles they aim for, so try suiting your demos to labels who release that style already and so forth.

Question 4: What is your favorite part about being interconnected in the music industry?

Answer 4: Honestly, just meeting and connecting with new people almost every week. I’ve made so many new connections since starting DWP at the start of the year which has only furthered my love for the industry as I’m becoming more and more available to help others through sharing my own experiences and knowledge.

Question 5: Thus far, what has been the label’s highlight moment?

Answer 5: Our highlight moment, hmm…, that’s a hard one. I’d love to say every day at the moment as we’re now at a point where the hardest yards have been completed, we’re now rolling somewhat smoothly and have releases set up until the end of the year and that’s highly satisfying knowing to say the least. Though if I had to pick a singular moment, it would still have to be the day in which I fully registered DWP as a business and official label. That was the day that I knew that my dreams of DWP were going to become a reality.

Question 6: What we can expect next from the Dub Wubz family?

Answer 6: Well I’m glad to be able to announce that as we want to specify on the ‘promotions’ side of the industry, we are currently birthing a variety of ideas and concepts to support that. Besides our extensive list of releases that are on the way, an album featuring 10+ artists in December and a remix competition. We have plans to bring everyone a monthly live stream event, a digital radio station, podcasts, mastering services, feedback services, a blog, Spotify playlisting, a YouTube channel and a tonne more! It’s easy to say that we’ve only just begun our journey.

Question 7: If you guys could work with ANY artist in the world and brainstorm with, who is it and why?

Answer 7: Hard question, I think this might be a bit atypical but I’m going to say Skrillex simply for the sake of his dynamic career in the music industry. I feel like Sonny (Skrillex) would have so much to say and so much he’d be able to assist with through his own experiences in the industry over the extensive amount of years he’s been involved. He’s a true pioneer and without a doubt one of the main industry patrons I would seek advice from. I wouldn’t be surprised if we sat down at the table and every 2 out of 3 things he could bring up I never would have thought about before

Question 8: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them a shout-out!

Answer 8: So many guys are killing it these days to be honest, new people popping up left right and center. However, I’ll probably have to shout out FLICK first and foremost, he’s an awesome guy who just has such an awesome talent with his productions and has made such an impact over the past 2 years. Then without a doubt: Espioth, Fermilat, Skitzoid and R3fin. These 4 have been making crazy stuff recently and I can see a lot of potential for these guys in the future. 

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