Cvsh Bvndit. The Villainous Riddim Producer Taking SLC By Night.

Austin Banditson, or as he goes by Cvsh Bandit. Hails his felonious and fiery bass-music tunes from Utah. In SLC he has made a name for himself by stealing the ears and hearts of the whole city in a fowl-swoop. As he gets the crowds jacked and hyped, you can assure your self if you didn’t swipe a neck-brace on the way in, your screwed. Hold your belongings.
Please welcome Cvsh Bandit to the storm

Question 1: Welcome to the storm! We are beyond stoked to have you with us! Can you stroll us into the must-know question; who is the Cvsh Bvndit? Where did this all begin for you as an artist?

Answer 1: So Cvsh Bvndit really is just a play on words with my real name. Austin Cash Banditson. Everyone always called me Cash growing up my parents included. So i figured Cvsh Bvndit was a pretty cool stage name. This dream all began in 2008 when I went to my first rave here in Utah, and discovered DJing and EDM. I fell in love instantly with the music and went to shows regularly. I’m saying at least once a month from that moment on. Then in 2012 I discovered music festivals by attending EDC Las Vegas for the first time. I remember catching Crizzly‘s set at the BassPod in complete awe! I had no idea that rap and dubstep could flow so well with each other, and I became obsessed. For the next few years I would travel all across the US and the world really really, attending festivals like EDC, UME South Padre Island, Lost Lands, Hard Day of the Dead, Global Dub Festival, Wobbleland, Groove Cruise, and even HolyShip! And that’s when it hit me in 2016, that hey I seriously love this music, and travel all over to see my favorite artists. Why can’t I do this myself? I remember being on HolyShip! in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean thinking this to myself, “I want to do this for a career”, it wouldn’t even feel like I’m working, I would just be spreading joy and happiness with my music. And from that moment on I started researching how to get started and never looked back.

Question 2: Who have been your biggest inspirations and or role-models in regards to music thus far in your career?

Answer 2: So in the beginning Getter was a huge inspiration, I love his music! And guys like Zeds Dead, Kill The Noise, Excision, Kompany, Phase One, Svdden Death, Aweminus, Infekt, Ubur, and AFK were my regular go to’s that kept me inspired. And lately I started a new course at SLDP (Salt Lake DJ & Production) that’s taught by Squnto. He actually moved here to Utah, so I see him weekly on the regular now. And this dude has seriously been my inspiration, he is so damn smart, and tech savvy its hard to keep up sometimes. The man creates the most complex and interesting dubstep, that is just pleasing to my ears! And he’s really been helping me level up my music this year! Shout out Squnto for being such a real genuine human being, and a top tier teacher.

Question 3: What sort of advice would you give to someone who wants to be in your shoes?

Answer 3: Producing is a hell of a ride, full of ups and downs. But never give up, and always keep making music for YOU. Because it’s fun. Don’t ever forget why you started making music and DJing. And remember in the end it’s an Art, everyone views it differently. But as long as you like it, and it makes you feel good. That’s all that matters.

Question 4: Getting down to some food and or drinking before a set? Yay or nay for you?

Answer 4: Yes and yes, I love food and whether its chicken tenders at a festival, or going out to dinner before the night. I always eat first. And for drinking I take DJing gigs very seriously like a business. And will never DJ drunk unless its a house-party. Whether I open up first, or I’m playing at midnight, I’ll either have a beer or 2 while I’m playing to loosen up. Or just a Redbull and some water to keep the energy at 100! Then when I’m done with my set its time to have a few more drinks and have some fun for the night.

Question 5: What is the ideal 2025 looking like for you as Cvsh? Walk us through your Utopian year in five years.

Answer 5: Hopefully festivals in 2025 are bigger than ever, and I’m getting booked! I would like to be doing music full time by then even if I’m making less than at my day job. As long as I can get by in life and be doing what makes me happy, that’s goals right there!

Question 6: Who is in your collaborations radar? Anything you can tell us?

Answer 6: For now just homies, like my boys in the Missionariez Crew: Hoodoo Dubs, Delcherro, Sasori, Calsyx, and Gl1tch (Jack White).We should be dropping another Missionairez EP pretty soon here. Or my really good homies and classmates in my SLDP course w/ Squnto like: Dabbin Cabbin, Sensate, Giyuta, Anrkey, Ornata, DawpleGvnger, Mile 32, and even Sky Child.

Question 7: Being a resident to Utah, must be a unique state. Although one-of-a-kind, in regards to music, what advantages have you seen from the Beehive State?

Answer 7: Dude Utah has a kick ass scene even though Covid-19 kind of annihilated all events right now.. But still we have a few nightclubs out here like Sky SLC, The Depot, and Park City Live where we get massive touring DJs by the week. And V2 (Presents)’ events throws the biggest festivals in our state. V2 is such a dope events company that really gives our locals a shot to showcase ourselves opening up for these big events. Or even if its opening up for a tour stop on a weekday. I love it here.

Question 8: When you dropped your Adventure Grime and Hell Bent earlier this year. What sort of creative process did you call upon for this project?

Answer 8: Man for the past couple years I’ve really been working on my sound design. And trying to create new unique sounds all 100% on my own. Plus I have been really focusing on creative music structure that keeps the listener engaged. Those have been my main focus. And especially for the track Hell Bent, I was really going for a heavy dubstep almost screamo vibe. And I always try to make my tracks have riddim vibe to it, because OG riddim is my roots and what I started out making in the very beginning.

Question 9: What can we expect next in the realm of the Cvsh Bvndit?

Answer 9: Super interesting, unique, and heavy dubstep/riddim tunes. I’m sitting on a few finished tracks right now. That should hear from me very very soon. And maybe even a few record label releases. In the mean time with all this COVID crap, I’ve been sharpening up my DJ skills on the regularly, and producing music daily. Even if its just a quick 1-hr sound design session. So I’m improving by the daily. Expect better and better music from me!

Question 10: You also teach music online. Who do you teach and what sort of feelings and mental rewards do you get from teaching others to make music?

Answer 10: Oh dude that’s so cool you knew that! I didn’t really think anyone knew to be honest. But yeah, again the corona virus screwed a lot of things, and DJing shows was a side-gig for me that helped me pay the bills. And buy new tech for producing and DJing. So it wasn’t until the pandemic that I had a few people messaging me asking if I did lessons and offering compensation. So I let these few people know I have never taught, but would be willing to teach them everything I know. And then I started teaching a few beginners over Skype how to get started and create tracks. It’s actually really fun to teach and see young producers inspired and so eager to learn. It doesn’t even feel like teaching, it’s simply like making music with them and answering a few questions a long the way.

Question 11: Who do you see killing and slaying it lately? Give them a shout-out!

Answer 11: Shout Out Kleopatra my original classmate from SLDP! My old teacher Prophet from the same place. My boy ATL thats out in Portland always playing shows, and now live streams! Everyone from SmokeSiignal because that shit started out here in SLC and I used to go to all of there shows, and now they’re all doing big thiings! My boy Siklok that’s now out in Miami making dubstep moves. Cub Chunes who started the Missionarez Crew and left to do big riddim things out in Washington state. Cub Chunes actually makes all my cover art for me lately, thanks again dude! All my boiz in the Missionairez Crew listed above in a previously question. And same with all my SLDP fam listed above you guys are all killing it! And a few more like Dub Vader, Dukes, LucidDreamz, Atrophia, and Mauro strait making moves!

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