Collab Review: tyDi & Bella Renee – New Normal

As the worlds turns, we all must get accustomed to a new way of life. The pandemic has affected us all differently, but one thing is apparent… we’re affected. tyDi and Bella Renee take us on their exemplification and what it has done to them in a strikingly beautiful and upbeat house track. This duo of a stadium-sized performance is exactly the track you need to brighten and illuminate that grin on your face. Hold tight, it’s a tear jerk-er.


Worldwide performing Australian artist tyDi delivers an unforgettable production. His amazing layout of upbeat and vibrant electricity to the track while Phoenix, Arizona resident Bella Renee serenades us with a sentimental and fervent vocal performance. The pandemic has influenced this track wholeheartedly in it’s respective ways, its evident.
The beginning of the track charges forward with simple guitar notes and Bella sparks the verse:

“Can’t believe this is the new normal . We use to hug but now we hit elbows”

It really hits you what direction this collaboration is going. In the next verse she again sinks it in with:

“Hard to see the silver lining, Writing songs but I’m sick of trying.”

We are all experiencing a very challenging and often dynamically chaotic time right now. The new normal constantly changes and nothing seems consistent. She hits in so many areas right on point. Really sealing your attention in. The impression is seared on, heavily.
tyDi alarmingly sets us up with a pop/electro beat that just uplifts the whole track meteorically. The infinite-seeming loop just stretching a crescendo so well.

“I’m lost but I’m trying
Wearing masks but I know that you’re smiling

Such a gracious representation of a response to the isolation this pandemic has caused. The world was shaken and is continuing to shake. The best we can do for ourselves and the other around ourselves is to keep distance. This will only make us closer in the long run. The “streets are empty
We, tyDi, Bella Renee all have our hearts and minds with the world. This song gives so off so much much-needed energy, positive reinforcement, and a refreshing amount of love.

Follow along in this marvelous lyric video below and make your own conclusion. As for now;

This Collab Is 100% Monsoon Season Approved

Watch The Lyric Video Here:

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