Abstractivve. Conceptualizing Riddim Into Reality

Cory Roya, or more abstractly named Abstractivve joins the storm. This riddim producer made a name for himself by staying outside the box and thinking about the aesthetic value. If you can stay unique and unprecedented, the odds are in your favor. Well… his favor I should say.
Please welcome Abstractivve to the storm!

Question 1: Welcome to the storm! We are stoked to have you in the downpour. What can you tell us about your moniker, Abstractivve? Where does the name choice come from?

Answer 1: Thank you guys for having me stoked to be here. Well the name Abstractivve comes from two things I’ve always been into dark and Abstract things, horror movies, paintings etc. So when i was struggling to come up with a name out of no where my friend Barry says how about “Abstractivve“. I loved it and it just clicked and stuck.

Question 2: Riddim and dubstep seem to be your mainstay in music. Where does this liking derive from?

Answer 2: You are correct I love Riddim and Dubstep. Epically Riddim. I like Riddim and Dubstep because I love the tribal and heavy feel to it in general I love heavy music. I come from a heavy-metal background White Chapel, Suicide Silence, Korn, Nirvana , Otep are all my early influences. So when I hear Riddim and Dubstep it reminds me of that

Question 3: Who are your biggest inspirations inside and outside the realm of bass?

Answer 3: I guess i already answered some of this  in Question 2, So yeah outside bass Otep, Korn, Ghostmane,Nirvana,White Chapel, Suicide Silence, Korn, Satyricon, Soulfly Etc. Inside bass Virtual Riot, Kompany, Svdden Death, Excision, Skrillrex, Chibs, Awenimus, and Kill Feed.

Question 4: Are you an artist who still gets butterflies on stage? Or, on the contrary if you do not; how did you rid the bug-like-feeling?

Answer 4: No I do not get butterflies anymore, And I use to wrestle so I am use to being on stage so to speak so when I played my first show yes I was nervous but nothing to crazy. I just overcome it because I love performing after that initial feeling is shook I feed off the energy the crowd gives me

Question 5: You recently dropped your EP Grave Spitters. What sort of creative process did you call upon to bang out this extended play?

Answer 5: Yes I did, Thank you. My creative process I’m very schedule oriented. I still am not full time with music just yet (still have a normal 9-5) so everyday before work I try to put in 2-4 hours into my work (Abstractivve). So I guess just by sticking to my strict schedule i got it done.

Question 6: Food and or drink before a set. Yay or nay? Why?

Answer 6: Yay. I love Red bull before my sets it helps me stay energized.

Question 7: Who is in your collaborative scope in the future?

Answer 7:  I want to collaborate with ( Deucez, Blaqout, Chibs) I currently am sitting on collabs with Boolivard, Wassa, and Bvss Tactic

Question 8: What can expect next in the world of Abstractivve?

Answer 8: Next you can expect a lot of new music coming (I’m sitting on 17 songs right now), More live streams Eventually more live shows once it’s safe to do so, more merch, and better branding.

Question 9: What are you rocking in the studio? Walk us through your selection of tech!

Answer 9: FL 20, Serum, Yamaha’s HS8 , Novation launchey Mini 25 key, Macbook, Deskstop (2019) Macbook pro 13inch (2017) Audio Technica ATH M50X ( both white and black pair) 3 snadisk USBs, Pioneer XDJ-RX2, Focusrite Scarlett Solo, Audio Technica Airs(open back)

Question 10: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them a shout-out

Answer 10: Killing it is mosh squad , Tremorr, Wassa, Bvss Tactic, Deucez, BXNES, and Blaqout. There’s so many more.

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