Hypesetterz. Setting The Hype In Canada With Ease.

Brett Webster, or more auditory-known title wise as Hypesetterz. He is a Canadian musician who has one goal… Set the hype! His captivating and seismic music is just one layer to this tectonic earth-earth shattering artist. Please welcome Hypesetterz to the storm!

Question 1: Welcome to the storm, finally! I’m glad we have the chance to talk now! What can you tell us about the days leading up to your decision to produce music?

Answer 1: Thanks for having me guys! Big ups to all that you’re doing to cover talented artists. Um, I’ve basically always known music had to be a huge part of my life.. I started out in my younger years writing lyrics and performing as a hip hop artist, then kind of gradually evolved more into the production side of things.. has been a really cool journey!

Question 2: Where does the name Hypesetterz come from? What lead you to choose that name?

Answer 2: So a lot of peeps who have just gotten to know the name might not know this, but Hypesetterz was originally a duo. When we started promoting and playing local events, we gained a reputation for our high energy sets and mixes.. Hype-setters was used in a conversation once and it just made sense as soon as hearing it.

Question 3: Who have been your most influential and inspiring role-models thus far?

Answer 3: Artists who inspire me a lot sound wise include; Boombox Cartel, Skrillex, RL Grime, and so many more. List could go forever but those are some huge ones. I’ve been lucky in my journey so far.. have gotten to know a lot of really dope artists who have helped me out knowledge and path wise.. some names that have helped me role model wise are; Dr. Fresch, Stylust, Rumpus, Thomas Anthony.. owe them all for a lot of advice over the years!

(Boombox Cartel & Hypesetterz pictured above)

Question 4: You primarily cook up trap and house tracks. Where does this choice come from to make such palatable and ferocious tracks from these particular genres?

Answer 4: Those genres are kind of my primary loves as a listener or show goer.. so it was just kind of natural to dive into them production wise. With the Hypesetterz project though I really want to bring a lot of diversity.. Hip Hop, DnB, some Pop or R&B… Trap.. House.. whatever I’m feeling at that time, excited to do it all! Got some really diverse projects that should be dropping in the near future.

Question 5: How has the Hypesetterz vision and image changed since the days of A-List?

Answer 5: As mentioned earlier, Hypesetterz actually started out as a duo. Ralph (the other member) and I are still tight homies, we just kind of had some different ideas career and sound wise. Since we parted ways, I’ve taken the Hypesetterz branding and music fully towards my visions… so everything you’re getting now is unapologetically me!


Question 6: Who is in your scopes as far as new and upcoming collaborations?

Answer 6: Recently released a couple tunes with my homie Zovah and look forward to working with him more. Kytami and I have a tune in the works that I’m super excited about, and I can’t spill too much info wise yet, but I’ve actually been working on a full album that’s gonna be featuring a lot of amazing MC’s and vocalists.

Question 7: What can expect next in the realm and reality of Hypesetterz?

Answer 7: Spilled the beans in that last one, but a full length album is in the works, I’d look for a 2021 release with that, some cool label releases and remixes will be dropping to end out 2020 here, and HOPEFULLY COVID kindly leaves us all alone and I can get back to rocking as many crowds as possible again soon!

Question 8: Who do you see killing these days? Give them a shout out!

Answer 8: Some fellow Canadian artists and homies that I have a ton of love for: Rumpus, Neon Steve, Kytami & Phonik Ops, Pineo & Loeb, INC.LINE, Shrug, Killups, Zovah, Flatland Funk, STVNK FVCE, Bassani, and so many more I’m probably forgetting, but all of these peeps deserve to be followed and checked out!

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