Nuclear Ninja. Imploding On The Scene With Stealth and Bass

Isaac Parsons, a Colorado resident who goes by Nuclear Ninja, is exploding on the scene with stealth and precision. This masked musician is a bass-music artisan, and doesn’t plan on leaving anything in his wake.
This Denver based artist, known for his catastrophic wobbles and deadly skills, is here for your soul. Please welcome Nuclear Ninja to the storm.

Question 1: Welcome to the storm, we’re elated to have you with us! What can you tell us about the origin story behind the alias, Nuclear Ninja?

Answer 1: So before I was ever a producer, I was a streamer. I tried really hard to build this brand as a gaming/ streaming platform, but soon realized how over-saturated that market was and how it did not respond well to my dark / evil theme. I ended up meeting some amateur producers who first inspired me to make music in 2018. After finding a passion for production I decided that I wanted to pursue this, and launched my first album as Nuclear Ninja in February of 2019. I spent the first year of my music career cranking out songs and learning as much as I could about production, and networking. I went to every show in Denver, passing out stickers and introducing myself to all the local DJs and promoters. After playing a couple solid gigs, and really finding my vibe and sound, I decided to go all-in! Starting January of 2020 I decided to exclusively self-release, and have a consistent 1-2 songs a month! This was to eliminate the struggle and BS that comes with trying to work with smaller labels, and to build my OWN audience, and not have to rely on anybody else for my own success. Up to this point, I have done everything myself: all the logos, promo videos, graphic design, flyers, any piece of content I put out is all me which I think will stand out in the long run. My hope is to never need to hire designers or artists, and instead learn to do it myself. And that has to lead us here! I just launched my own record label and merchandise company on August 1st, 2020, as well as a re-brand of the NN logo and mask! Nuclear Ninja is just getting started and I have no intention of ever slowing down! I’m trying to Nuke the dubstep and bass music scene.


Question 2: Being a Denver resident its perks and challenges. Can you describe your favorite part of being in the mile-high?

Answer 2: Denver, in my opinion, is one of the greatest cities for dubstep! I’m proud to belong to the mile-high bass music scene. They don’t call us “The Bass Capital” for no reason. We have like easily 15+ major venues and clubs in Denver alone that all book dubstep! That being said, Denver is also WAY over-saturated with producers and even more DJ’s. That sometimes makes it hard to properly promote yourself. My belief, however, is that people notice what you do and not what you say. I have been steadily releasing songs every month, maintaining an active social media following, and (pre-COVID) going to every show I possibly could and networking. Sometimes the Denver artist scene can seem very cliquey, and people get discouraged quickly when they aren’t easily accepted into said cliques or booked for shows. Even though sometimes it feels like I’m constantly overlooked, I have to remind myself that I’m doing so much more than like 80% of artists in Denver, and the music scene in general. That hard work, drive, and consistency will elevate me and my Nuclear Ninja clan to the top! Our time to blow up is right around the corner, and we are starting with you Denver, Colorado!

Question 3: Where does your love for bass come from? Walk us through yesteryear and what lead to these moments?

Answer 3: I come from a rock/metal background, which is why I think my music is so angry. I grew up pretty closed-minded about music and thought anything that wasn’t Rock music was trash. I went most of my younger years never listening to anything new. I have been a musician all my life. I’ve played guitar since I was 14 and was in several Rock and metal bands. As I grew older my music taste got heavier, I just resonated so much with heavy music I can’t really describe it. When I was about 18 I met my homie Grant, who took me to my first dubstep show. That shit blew my mind! The level of the stage production, the visual work, the crowd, and THE MUSIC. So heavy, dark and grimy, but actually a well-composed and melodic song! I was immediately in love. Let’s all be real, metal and black metal music is cool, but there comes a point where it’s just heavy guitar strumming and guttural grunts. It all kind of started sounding the same to me, however dubstep music… It’s just beautiful. I love all music, bust dubstep and heavy bass just has my heart!

Question 4: Where is your dream venue and or festival to play by 2025?

Answer 4: My dream venue would be to play Rampage Belgium. I WILL play Rampage Belgium! But how could I be from Colorado and NOT want to play at Red Rocks? My current order of progression is Ogden Theater, Red Rocks, Lost Lands, and Rampage! We’re currently working on it, soon my NNinjas

Question 5: Walk us through the creative process behind Witches, your most recent track!

Answer 5: Well, I’m trying super hard to build a vibe for myself, which I decided to go with like evil and creepy. So most of my songs I start out with an evil audio sample to set the mood, then design the track around that. A little fact about me, I have always loved acting and theater, which is what led me to Witches’ audio sample. It’s from a scene from Macbeth where the witches are boiling a potion. I’ve always loved the little poem they sing and though it would be so cool in a super dark, and creepy atmosphere. I ended up finding a rendition of it that was in this super deep voice and recited super slow. I was like, perfect! I added some drums and made everything fit in 150 BPM, (My favorite BPM) I also wanted to throw in some like horror movie vibes so I created a little melody super similar to the one used in Friday the 13th, and gave it a similar reverb to the Call Of Duty Zombies original theme song. And that’s where we get the whole melody pretty much. The entire song is made with resamples of that little ding in the intro. This one was super fun to create and if you haven’t heard it yet please check it out and let me know what you think!

Question 6: Who is in your collaboration scope? Who can we expect/anticipate to see whipping up a track with you?

Answer 6: I’m very very open to collaboration with other artists! There isn’t a single artist or genre that I wouldn’t hop on a track with! I’ve worked a lot with my label partner Anomalous and have a bunch of music with locals from the Denver area. To date, i have worked with Anomalous, Rage-Bot, Spazim, Tek Savvy, Torch, Luvsick, Synapse, and Krakyn. Always open to collaborations!

Question 7: Are you an advocate for food/drink before a show? Or does it mess with you?

Answer 7: I mean of course! We all go to shows to have a good time, so have a drink! Just don’t overdo it and ruin it for others! As long as everyone is responsible, respectful and conscious of others, we usually always have a great time! For myself however, i’m not huge into partying hard. I will smoke down, have a drink or two and then chill. Usually I only have a single drink before I perform, and then I’ll hit up the bar afterwards. Another reason I believe will contribute to my success, is that I don’t like to party hard and tend to float above all the drugs and scene drama. I’m just making music and being me, and I don’t need anything more than some smoke and some drink to have a great time!

Question 8: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them a shout-out!

Answer 8: There are a lot of great producers out right now but if I had to narrow it down to the ones I see putting in work, it would be my label brother Anomalous, the dude High Zombie, XKape, and Say Word. These guys are doing big things right now, and I see y’all putting in that grueling work just like myself! One day we will all be industry leaders! Keep your eyes out for all of these amazing individuals.

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