Cthulhu, We Are You EP

Nicolas Galeota, or under his music alias, Cthulhu is making aggressive moves in the bass music world. Hailing from Cocoa Beach, Florida, this producer is rising from his abysmal oceanic slumber to usher a new EP from the depths.
Just as the mythical creature “Cthulhu“, (just imagine a gargantuan F**king scary octopus/man/dragon for now), that drives you stark-raving mad when you look at it.
Although, in this case, Cthulhu will give the stark-raving urge to headbang!

His new EP (extended play) that dropped this past holiday weekend was sure needed. The 4 tracks of We Are You are all diverse and heavy. Each in their own respect brings something to the table of ungodly proportions. Individually, the quartet of tracks delivers a treacherous punch to your eardrums and sending the listener into rage mode, it’s a knock-out EP.


Track 1 – Disrespect

Disrespect, the introductory track to the EP is 3:05. Every second is filled with a fierce amount of bass. The track utilizes the metal band, A Day To Remember’s “Mr. Highway’s Thinking About The End”  and OG Nixin ‘s iconic Gotcha B***h samples that quickly wind up and drop with unearthly speed. This track is an exemplification of what metal with full attitude and bass with meteoric aftershocks should conclude to.

Cthulhu · Disrespect

Track 2 – We Are You

We Are You, the second track placed on the EP, is a ghoulish acculmination of catchy choral consonance. Boasting the We Are You name, this addition to the EP is right up any bassheads alley. The alien-esque eerie aura to this track impales the mind and easily becomes a heater.

Cthulhu · We Are You

Strapped, located third on the EP, is an instant banger. The initial feel to this track begins with a trap anthem reminiscing you through a instellar mindf**k. Then without a notice, the hangbanging is imminently dropped. The combo brings you to your knees, acting a fool. This track is an instant flagship. The crescendo to the final track is arguably a force to be advised with caution. Cthulhu has done it again!

Cthulhu · Strapped

Deathly Hollow, the final track on the EP. The absolute crushing bass this track beholds is unprecedented in it’s depth. Utterlt decimating and reaping full havock auditorily. The reality of sheer magnitude, and heaviness is shattering. We have the exact conclusion necessary to for an excellent EP.

Cthulhu · Deathly Hollow

One tip for the reader, turn your volume UP all the way.
This EP is Monsoon Season Certified!
A finale with an epic need for an encore! Fortunately he released this gripping EP on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music. No matter your preference of the three, visit the link(s) provided and hear for yourself.

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