KING KOBRA. Reptilian Bass in Your Face from Denver


Jason Davis, who we know as, KING KOBRA is a Colorado born music producer who has gained the attraction of venues, other producers, and widespread fans alike. This snake-oriented fellow is sinking razor sharp fangs into your veins. It’s painless, but trust me; THERE’s BASS.
Strapped up with another alias we’ll tell you about later but two heads are better than one.
With connection to Grimbeard Productions under his belt currently, Jason is slithering his way to the top, and ready to strike!
Please welcome, KING KOBRA to the storm.

Question 1 For the unknowing reader and soon-to-be fans, what can you tell us about the backstory behind the alias King Kobra? Where did it come from?

Answer 1: The story behind KING KOBRA, starts here in The Bass Capital (Denver, Colorado) in the year of 1994. Legally born as, Jason Davis, KING KOBRA, branched off from the Hip-Hop/Trap/EDM alias, J.D. KrYsTaL during December 2018. K.K. has been coming up with scaly, venomous, and bass- enraged music for my fans to this very day!

KING KOBRA · Dat Booty (Prod. By King Kobra)

Question 2: Being a Colorado resident brings on a monumental amount of advantages as a music producer. The prolific Bass Capital has a certain level of hype and natural stage of viewership due to its amazing venues, native artists, and top tier production. Can you give us an example of how these have affected you for the better?

Answer 2: I absolutely LOVE Colorado, especially being a Colorado Native. I have traveled far and wide,but nothing compares to the Rockies with beautiful skies and people. I have been to and even performed as J.D. KrYsTaL at venues like Red Rocks Amphitheater, The Ogden, Blue Bird, Summit Hall, Temple Nightclub, Beta Nightclub, The Church Nightclub, Club Vinyl, Los Tacos, Herman’s Hideaway, Cervante’s Masterpiece Ballroom, and The Goods Restaurant. Everything that happened here in the Bass Capital since 2012 in the bass-music scene, has made me better as an artist and producer immensely. I got inspired and learned from those who pioneered it first
such as; Decadon, Brondo, Bass Physics, Ether, Despise, Cloud-D, OG Status, Eddie Whoa, SunSquabi, Treyy G, Late Night Radio, Manufactured Superstars, Maya Amack, Subliminal, Uriah West, Vibe Street and many more!



Question 3: You have an illustrated venomous snake as a logo, does this choice of reptile have an indicative origin story?

Answer 3: Growing up as a kid in Colorado, I’ve always loved the outdoors and nature. I would go outside and catch Gartner, Bull, and even Rattlesnakes. One time, I brought a Gartner snake into my class room in elementary school and it stunk up the whole room while it was in my backpack. My fellow class-mates asked me what that horrid smell was so I let them peek into my backpack and they gasped! I let the snake back out into the nature after class obviously. But ever since that day, I was always enthused by reptiles in general. So, I ultimately chose “King Kobra” because with my musical style of venomous bass combined with Cobra snakes, it was the perfect combination.


Question 4: Some artists have a pre-set meal and or drink before playing their hearts out. Is this something you can relate to or is it a matter of no-food no-drink before a set?

Answer 4: I am usually nervous to be completely honest. The way I kind of let those nerves go, is I focus on what matters most to me, and that is music. Music has always been a passion of mine! It has pulled me out of the dumps and made me realize that life has reasons. Our heartbeats are what keeps us ticking, just like how music does. IT’S WHAT KEEPS US MOVING! But yeah I try to stay hydrated for the most part before and during a performance as I tend to move a lot during a set!

KING KOBRA · Infectious (Prod. By King Kobra)


Question 5: Who is in your scope as far as future collaborations go?

Answer 5: My future collaborations entail, but don’t guarantee:

Rage-Bot, Scafetta, Bandlez, Decadon, Brondo, Subtronics, Wooli, Zed’s Dead, Zomboy, Excision, Troy-Boi, Bass Physics,
Gramatik, GRiZ, Moonboy, King Sullivan, Kai Wachi, ADVM BOMB, Cookies X Cream, Chutez & Ladderz, Mikrodose, Caustic Grime, USB Slave,
BONEZ, Danny Amaya, Pixel Terror, Saladin, Smokahauntas, Rage God, Xtinct, Mikes Revenge, Zovah, Nessex, NOIXES, Rednek, Ice Creme, BORN DEVD, NGHTMRE, Peekaboo, Knife Party, and Skrillex.

Question 6: Can you walk us through your personal creative process before starting a track/collab?

Answer 6: First, I try to let ideas come to me before I even start a track. Either, I remember a melody inside my head from somewhere or I just completely come up with one out of nowhere almost sporadically at times. Inspirations are key inside this process as well. I usually then start with a good drum pattern to match that melody. Sometimes, I even start with the drum pattern first before the melody, then match it all up. It all depends on my creative process during that moment to be honest! I am very versatile and I NEVER limit myself to any genre really! I am prone to trying new things and I love to experiment with sounds! The creative process I have is very simple yet can be very confusing at times if I don’t focus on what I am trying to achieve.



Question 7: What artists/musicians can you say influenced your upbringing into dance music?

Answer 7: All the respective artists from question 2, question 5 and so much more!


Question 8: Walk us through a day-in-the-life of King Kobra? Wake up to shut-eye.

Answer 8: I wake up usually around 7 a.m. every day. I then proceed to take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast (Which usual consists of cereal, pop-tarts, toaster strudels, or sometimes eggs) then I brush my teeth and start making music at my little studio setup at home. I then take a break usually around noon to eat lunch, let my ears rest and let my mind rest [Usually record me playing video games on Twitch (@jdkrystal303)] then I continue and go back to making or mixing/mastering tracks. I then stop around 4 p.m. to help around the house with chores as well as go out for a walk with my wife to get fresh air. We then make dinner around 6 p.m., eat around 6:30p.m., and then watch T.V. shows on Netflix, Hulu, or Adult Swim. Sometimes, I will go back to working on music after spending time with my wife. I also work on graphic FX and graphic design in my free time. Usually, I will go to bed around 10 p.m. and repeat this process every day. I also get to see my daughter every other weekend and we usually just spend time with her when she is here because I barely get to see her enough as it is.

Question 9: Can you talk about your side-project J.D. KrYsTaL? What differentiates the two monikers?

Answer 9: My J.D. KrYsTaL alias originally started back in 2010 when I first started making music. It started with my initials and “Krystal” because it resonates a crystal diamond. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been infatuated with rocks, minerals, crystals and gems. I then created King Kobra in 2018, to try to divert my heavy-hitting bass sound. Really, the main difference between my alias’, J.D. KrYsTaL and King Kobra is genres and styles of sound. For example, J.D. KrYsTaL was really meant to be focused more on Hip-Hop, Trap, Boom-Bap, and a little EDM. Whereas, King Kobra is more solely based on Dubstep, Riddim, Deathstep, Heavy, Bass Music.


J.D. KrYsTaL · PATIENCE (Prod. By J.D. KrYsTaL)

Question 10: Can you give us a brief description and touch-down with your involvement with Be Happy Records?

Answer 10: I started to be affiliated with the Be Happy Records last year in hopes of getting recognized more. I am not completely part of the record label’s roster but I am affiliated, meaning I get some support and some merchandise. However, I really do like the label and everyone in it on the roster, but I am not completely signed to it yet. I would also like to create my own record label one day.



Question 11: Who in your area, do you fervently believe deserves more credit and spotlight for their hard work? Give them a healthy shout-out!

Answer 11: I believe that there are many underground artists like me out there who deserve more recognition! Rebranding is key!
I’d like to make a shout-out to Corbin Douglas A.K.A. Lethal on Facebook. He has definitely shown me a lot about making music and he has shown me the techniques of his creative process. I also would like to make a shout-out to all of the BeHappy team! Definitely a great record label to be on! Also, an immense shout-out goes to DSC (Deathstar Cult) for making HUGE waves in the Colorado Bass-Music Community! I would more than be glad to join them in their journey as well! However, Shout-outs mostly go to my brother, Nikita Kuznetsov A.K.A. KeetaBeats for making this whole thing possible. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be a producer or a DJ for that matter. He has shown me the ropes to making music even down to the DAW that I work on currently every day. He inspired me as a little kid and has always been a role-model to me. After all, he is my big brother!Slide1


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