Festivillainz Drops New ‘The Awakening’ EP via Syndicate Bass Records [EP Write-Up]

NEW DUBSTEP: Ottawa, Canada‘s Utmost Villainous Bass Music Producer Festivillainz Releases His All-New 4-Track ‘The Awakening‘ EP on Syndicate Bass Records

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The Awakening EP Includes Collabs w/ INF1N1TE, Chutez & Ladderz, + 2 Solo Tracks via Syndicate Bass Records

Canada’s Brayden St. Germain, best known under his music alias – Festivillainz returns to our stormy skies with new music. An unstoppable force in today’s thriving electronic bass music industry, Festivillainz bears his all-new four-track EP titled “The Awakening” under Syndicate Bass Records, readying the masses for another prime example of his prowess and upward trajectory.

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pictured: Festivillainz

The quartet of tunes includes two collaborative efforts and two solo productions that make up the EP. The collabs come from rapper/music producer INF1N1TE via “Nightmare” in addition to the up-and-coming bass music act, Chutez & Ladderz with “Unleash“.

The two solo tracks, “Find Them” and “This Is Dirty“, being track one and track four respectively, start and finish the EP with the two aforementioned collaborative efforts being track two and three.

Making this EP was some of the most fun I’ve had writing music yet. Working with INF1N1TE and Chutez & Ladderz really helped complete the EP by bringing their own sounds and touches to the songs.

Also being part of the final project of Chutez N Ladderz as he fully transitioned to Protocol now was an honour and glad this was the farewell to it!

Big shoutout to Syndicate Bass Records for signing this EP and believing in the project!

More new music is coming this month…..


The introductory track, “Find Them” starts the EP off with a loud bang via booming basslines, catchy vocal bits, comical pre-drop samples, and memorable yet serious notes of headbanging treachery.

The second track on the EP, “Nightmare” with INF1N1TE is a brief but brutal 2:01 that packs in every square inch of the tune with crunchy bass drops, fiery build-ups, and those screamo/rap bars and verses we all know and love from the two artists on the collaborative effort.

pictured: INF1N1TE

Third up on The Awakening extended play, we are met with Festivillainz’s collab with Chutez & Ladderz titled “Unleash“, and it does exactly that – it unleashes. The two mesh and blend so well in this collaboration with their similar yet complementary styles as bass music artists. Fans of that devastating bass, quirky pre-drop vocals, and rail-breaking/headbanging drop that will take your head off – step forward, this is for you!

pictured: Chutez & Ladderz

Finalizing the EP as track four is “This Is Dirty”, the second solo track on the bass-laden body of work is not for the faint of heart. As someone who has heard a multitude of Festivillainz‘s music over the years, we can comfortably say that this may be his best solo work yet.

From the glitchy basslines, pre-drop pistol/firearm bangs, and those hyped-up deepened vocals, it all marries together so well and showcases what he is capable of as a producer. Trust us, hit that repeat button until you can’t anymore.

pic by: Diffracted Media

While we can appreciate and indulge in this groundbreaking body of work, Festivillainz has wasted no time this year putting out heavy-hitting heaters that will leave you with your jaw on the ground.

Not but three weeks ago, he released his much-awaited collab with Canadian counterpart STVNKFVCE titled “ILL SHIT” on Jessica Auddifred’s imprint label, A-Records. Prior to that, he had released ‘Break Ya Neck‘ via Exclusive Tunes Network, all of which are absolute bangers that you’ll have on repeat in your rotation.

After you listen to ‘the new ‘The Awakening‘ EP, do yourself the villainous justice by checking out more Festivillainz tunes, and whatever else you may stumble upon thereafter in his evergrowing discography.

Now that’s what a villain would do (wink wink).

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