Daunter Puts His Spin on “Wake Up” by Excision & Sullivan King [Track Write-Up]

REDUX FLIP FEATURE: Sacramento, CA’s Up-&-Coming Bass Music Producer Daunter Puts His Flip on “Wake Up” by Dubstep Titans Excision & Sullivan King

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

With Excision’s Lost Lands Festival 2023 just finishing up over the weekend and still fresh on everyone’s minds, let’s find the serotonin to appreciate the release of Daunter‘s new redux flip on Excision and Sullivan King‘s 2018 collab “Wake Up” from X‘s wildly successful Apex album.

Daunter takes the already semi-melodic and vocally-rich dubstep hit and kicks up the intensity with equally rich basslines, refaces areas to add his signature style and sound, and the results are a chef’s kiss.

Every corner of this redux flip is crisp in refinement, thought out, and pays homage to the two artists who inspired Daunter to produce bass music, Dino Daddy Jeff (Excision) and dubstep’s most heavy metal madman Sullivan King.

pictured: Daunter

What this rising producer from Sacramento has been able to accomplish with this rowdy rendition is deliver what we didn’t know we wanted and that’s precisely what music producers do, create and curate music you didn’t know you wanted but now NEED.

Although, at just a 1:50 duration, we wish we could hear an extended version of the flip to really see this nostalgic tune shine under a new light but as we said at the beginning of the article, we are “appreciating” this banger variation of the collab. Trust us, it’s brief but it doesn’t hold back on brutal bass.

Daunter has been at the helm of releasing several redux flips over the summer that are all noteworthy and well worth a listen and share. You can find originals and his redux flips of tracks by Svdden Death, Alice Deejay, and now Excision, and Sullivan King with plenty more to come.


Daunter tells us:
The creative process behind this Redux Flip was to pay homage to Excision and Sullivan King. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible and even used the Sullivan King sample pack via Splice for the vocal in the drop.

I remember hearing this song a long time ago, and it really shocked me on how great the track was. I told myself someday that I wanted to do my own variation of it because of how iconic of a track it is. The most iconic part of the original track for me was the bass part!

Hearing the first time in the car was like “WOAH! These guys are sick!” and have been following Sullivan King and Excision ever since I can remember. I always loved that Sullivan King incorporated metal with his music and blended it well with EDM.

Overall, the Redux Flip is paying homage to Excision and Sullivan King, whom I would really love to collab with one day. If you have never gone to an Excision or a Sullivan King show, I promise you it will change your life.

– Daunter regarding creative process and inspiration behind the redux flip

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