VISKUS’ New Bass Music Single – ‘Enabled’ Activates All Sensory Soundscapes [Track Write-Up]

Rising Bass Music Talent – VISKUS Self-Releases ‘Enabled‘ – A Vocally Rich & Forward-Thinking Freeform Bass Original Ready For The Masses Consumption

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

Not but two months ago, VISKUS released his highly-anticipated Planet Zulkon EP via Boogie T’s imprint label – DramaClubRecs, giving his fans a body of work they didn’t know they needed (or wanted).

Now as of late, he has done it once more with the release of his new bass-laden single ‘Enabled‘, found exclusively in his evergrowing self-released “Viskography” alongside 2023’s Purple Data EP, and that heavy-hitting wonky collab with TRON3X, eloquently titled ‘Zooted‘.

pictured: VISKUS

Fans of VISKUS and bass music enthusiasts alike can look forward to a captivatingly thought-provoking freeform bass tune that has all the low basslines, headbanging opportunities, and looping pre-drop vocals to get lost in – all in the same 4:40 duration (experience, more like it).

VISKUS effortlessly showcases his exceptional capability to fuse wonky soundscapes with vehement lyrics/vocals that compliment one another, ultimately building a cohesive and creative production for the music-loving masses.

pictured: VISKUS

Enabled” is a prime example of his music-producing prowess and what level of detail and intricacy we can anticipate from him going forward into the last quarter of the year and beyond.

VISKUS shares this storytelling piece regarding “Enabled” with us and our readers-

“Presenting the story of a man who traveled space, time, and different dimensions, looking for a type of alchemy that unites a divided world. During his travels, he realizes that this magic he seeks is within himself the whole time. Therefore; he continued his journey, uniting all along the way.”


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