VLCN’s 7-Track ‘Galaxy Defense’ EP Crash Lands On Earth via Subsidia Records [EP Write-Up]

FL’s Rising Bass Music Icon VLCN Drops His 2nd EP – “Galaxy Defense” via Excision’s Imprint Label Subsidia Records Studded w/ 7 NEW Interstellar Installations

▼ “Galaxy Defense” Features Collabs w/ LAYZ, BLUPILL, GRISLY, AlienPark, Dubscribe, GOON, + One Solo Production, & One VIP.

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

left: VLCN | Galaxy Defense EP via Subsidia Records

Tampa Bay‘s rising electronic bass tune titan and storm alumni Sam Swan or VLCN (pronounced Vulcan) has just released his sophomore EP titled “Galaxy Defense” on Excision‘s world-renowned imprint label Subsidia Records garnering seven new tracks and collabs with budding bass music household acts, vocalists, and up-and-coming underground musicians.

Fresh off of the premiere of the lead single on the EP “Get Dropped” with LAYZ and BLUPILL, dubstep trailblazing producer VLCN has now released the complete celestial body of work ever-so-perfectly titled “Galaxy Defense” and by all means – it is undeniably “out of this world” and needs protecting at all costs. (Alert the Department of Defense ASAP).

The astonishing milestone of a release features a heaping amount of talent with highly-anticipated collaborations with LAYZ and BLUPILL for “Get Dropped”, AlienPark‘s collab titled “Doom Cannon“, GOON‘s collab “The Samurai“, insane solo production “MF“, plus the flagship titled track “Galaxy Defense” with Dubscribe, and Floridian counterpart vocalist and producer GRISLY making a rocktronic/screamo vocal feature with “Bone Splitter“.

pictured: VLCN

As a special surprise to fans and listeners; VLCN‘s immensely well-received Excisionsupported track titled GEEKED (ft. BLUPILL) has its VIP (variation in production) also crash landing on the EP, and trust us when we warn you – it’s a doozy!

From start to finish, top to bottom, this EP has it all. Headbangers, rail breakers, and bass music enthusiasts alike can all look forward to a skillful blend of each artist’s unique sound design, neck-breaking basslines, boundary-pushing soundscapes, and mind-altering drops.

Galaxy Defense” is truly a knockout display of VLCN‘s unmatched prowess and insane skill in developing the sounds of tomorrow. From the collaborative choices to the sound selection and the end product delivery; it’s all one cohesive and well-curated musical package.

After multiple successful event performances already under his belt for 2023 such as Club Vinyl’s BASS OPS in Denver, CO, plus Tampa’s TK Lounge in his hometown with WODD, Chicago’s Bass Station, and recently for PANDORA in Orlando, Florida (plus more) – VLCN is fired up and primed for his highly-anticipated performances at Lost Lands Music Festival in September and Bass Canyon Music Festival happening in August.

(We’ll hyperlink ticket purchasing links for both, so just click them!)


We ask: How does it feel to be landing another release with Excision‘s imprint label Subsidia Records, and on your birthday for that matter? Break it down for us!

VLCN: “I’m especially grateful for Excision, one of the biggest supporters of my project and my biggest influence,”

“His innovative sound and unwavering dedication to the bass music community has inspired me to push boundaries and create music that resonates with listeners.”

“Ever since I saw the label announcement, I knew I wanted to be heavily involved with Subsidia. [They have] consistently showcased incredible talent and have become a prominent platform for dubstep producers, including myself. It’s a dream come true to be a part of the few that have been able to release full projects on the label.

says VLCN regarding Excision & Subsidia Records

We ask: What’s it like working with international talents like Toyko’s Dubscribe and Venezuela‘s AlienPark?

VLCN: “Dubscribe has been crushing it for a few years now”, – “Getting to work with this legend was an incredible experience.”

AlienPark has been a Subsidia staple for a few years and I feel our sounds matched perfectly when we created our collab “’Doom Cannon‘.”

pictured: VLCN

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