LØSTRONAUT’s Wonky 3-Track “ASTROWHAT?” EP Has Entered Earth’s Orbit via The Electric Movement [EP Write-Up]

NEW MUSIC: Edmonton’s LØSTRONAUT Delivers His 3-Track Experimental Bass EP Titled “ASTROWHAT?” via Louisiana-based Record Label, The Electric Movement

▼ We Explore The Three Tracks Inside “ASTROWHAT?“, Gain Insight Into The EP LØSTRONAUT, & Ready Ourselves For A Trip Into The Cosmos

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

pictured: LØSTRONAUT


New Orleanian record label The Electric Movement has just released the finished and complete experimental bass ‘ASTROWHAT?‘ EP by LØSTRONAUT on all platforms.

Within the EP’s cosmic containments are three all-new solo productions, starting with “Stompppa“, followed by “Photon Cannon“, and ending with “What“. All of which bring a celestial amount of energy, wonky liveliness, and fired-up fun for the masses.

“I’m really proud of the variety that it showcases while still all sounding like me,” – LØSTRONAUT

The third track ‘What‘ premiered on The Electric Movement‘s SoundCloud channel a week before the official release of the EP to give fans and listeners that early listening opportunity before the rest of “ASTROWHAT?” hit digital shelves.

What LØSTRONAUT‘s fans and listeners can look forward to in this electric listening experience is plenty of space-themed soundscapes, out-of-this-world basslines, and fiery pre-drop vocal samples sure to get you hyped for the three-track interstellar journey ever-so-perfectly titled “ASTROWHAT?

pictured: LØSTRONAUT | by: Boodang Music Canada

From the first track to the last, each installation to this three-piece body of work is meant for the bassheads and rail breakers. “Stompppa” garners a widespread sound that will have crowds flailing, grooving to these basslines, and air chopping, slicing, and dicing, to the beat – what a fun and wild way to start the EP.

Secondly on the ‘ASTROWHAT?‘ EP is “Photon Cannon” – a wonky and bass-laden experience to the masses via the mind-blowing combo of using suspenseful build-ups, catchy pre-drop vocals, long-lasting drops that shake the ground, and attention to detail to every crevasse showcasing his prowess and skill in the studio. (you can wipe the sweat off your forehead now).

pictured: LØSTRONAUT

Lastly, LØSTRONAUT delivers his final number on the EP with “What” – a genre-bending ride through the cosmos via galaxies (sections) of experimental bass, dubstep, and bits of drum and bass, vocoder sound usages, all coming together cohesively and soundly – yet we are still scratching our heads trying to process ‘what’ just happened and ‘what’ we had just heard.

LØSTRONAUT mentions: “I just doubled down and focused hard on making some of the best music I can make,” “I’m really proud of the progress that I’ve made and I think it shows in the work I put together.”

pictured: LØSTRONAUT


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