Premiere: We Explore Drumanite’s New Dubstep Roar ‘Jungle Rumble’ [Track Write-Up + Premiere]

Drumline Musician & Dubstep Producer – Drumanite Channels His Inner-Beast w/ “Jungle Rumble” – Exclusively Released Here on Monsoon Season via Our Record Label

We Give You The Early Listen/Watch on YouTube + We Break Down The Track In This Special Premiere

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

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Jonathan Ely, a Columbus, Ohio-based electronic bass music producer, DJ, and drumline expert, is now named Drumanite (formerly Jonomatic). His new vision, branding, and sound have become synonymous with tribal culture, percussion instruments, and most importantly – going beast mode on and off stage.

pic: Drumanite | by: WILLDUB.

That statement proves itself most apparent with the news of his new sophomore release titled “Jungle Rumble“. This new dubstep release is ferociously inspired by the animalistic nature of the jungle and what lurks within it.

Drumanite summons the bass beasts for a headbanging ceremony called “Jungle Rumble” from the deepest, most impenetrable, and lush undergrowth of the jungle. Being his second official release under his new alias, Drumanite personifies his image through the production of this track.

pic: Drumanite | by: WILLDUB.

From each roar, growl, and snarl you hear in the track, there is life behind each sound, and the intensity is amplified with the untamed basslines and drops throughout “Jungle Rumble“. A true treat to all bassheads, headbangers, and rail-breakers in the crowd who long to let their inner beast out.

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Listeners can look forward to a wild safari ride through the soundscapes that Drumanite effortlessly generates for your auditory pleasures. Give “Jungle Rumble” a listen before it hits virtual and digital shelves everywhere tomorrow (June 17th)

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