ANODIC & REMORSE Join Forces on NEW Groundshaking Riddim Collab “Keyboard Warriors” [Track Write-Up]

ANODIC & REMORSE Team Up For New Riddim Collab “Keyboard Warriors” – Delivering a Groundbreaking + Groundshaking Production Fit For The Most Feral Of Bass Music Fans

We Catch Up w/ ANODIC & REMORSE To Get Insight On The Maddening 140 BPM Experimental Riddim Collab Leaving Listeners In Lunacy & Hysteria

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

When two of the underground’s utmost rambunctious riddim producers from the South and the Midwest get together, the results can get a little… rowdy. That is exactly what budding bass music artists ANODIC and REMORSE have done with their debut self-released collaboration “Keyboard Warriors“.

What these two have produced is an all-out audio assault brimming with hair-raising suspense, high-octane drops, and brutal basslines hitting 9’s on the Richter scale – shaking our very screen as we type this.


Within its powerful 4:03 – the intro catches listeners’ attention via a faint MC hyping us up in the distance before a bouncy UK sound laces the track. Compile that with a contemporary fusion of experimental bass, harsh riddim, and we have a fiery mixture for the masses to revel in and consume for eternity.

Both ANODIC and REMORSE‘s styles mesh ever-so-perfectly in this collab and the proof is apparent with “Keyboard Warriors” – hitting that repeat button has never felt so good and felt so right.

Keyboard Warriors” has even gotten a rinse (live play before release) from Colorado-based rising riddim icon CROWELL as a stamp of approval for the two. Now that’s a good tip of that hat for these two’s new collab being hot of the press.

ANODIC is fresh off the release of his 2023 Showcase Mix (part two confirmed to be in the making), and his latest original release of REALISM” via emerging label New Founders‘ ‘Eternal Calamity Vol. 1compilation. Both of which, are prime examples of ANODIC‘s brackish sound that keeps people coming back.

pictured: ANODIC

Collaborator and ‘Keyboard Warrior‘ conspirator – REMORSE is no stranger to developing bewildering soundscapes and basslines that generate berzerk behavior from the masses. As of late, his recent ‘1K Free EP‘ was released as a celebratory milestone, garnering him thousands of streams. In addition to his latest and greatest originals and singles, he has an impressive discography of remixes of tracks by Stayns and legendary Subfiltronik – each in the tens of thousands of streams.

REMORSE | pic by: Documented Dreams

Let’s talk about the creative process.
What was going through your head?

ANODIC shares: “When REMORSE and I shot around the idea of making a collab, I knew it would be effortless with both of our styles and I feel like this collaboration expresses the heaviness of REMORSE‘s sounds with my experimental metallic style. Definitely, one of my favorite collabs to work on to date.

pictured: ANODIC | Iris Presents


REMORSE adds in: “Running through this I wanted to keep that heavy industrial sound that gets the audience ramped up. Not only that but merging it with ANODIC‘s experimental sound just seemed like a no-brainer.”

pictured: REMORSE

Before you both go…
Any famous last words?

ANODIC leaves us with this quote – “Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”


REMORSE leaves us on this note – “No new outcomes happen without experimentation”

REMORSE | pic by: Documented Dreams

Keyboard Warriors | OUT NOW

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