Tuna Melt Reheats Mau P’s “Drugs From Amsterdam” Giving It A New Tasty Flavor [Track Write-Up]

LA‘s Ascending House Music Duo Tuna Melt Serves Up A Tasty Remix For Mau P‘s Worldwide Sensational Hit “Drugs From Amsterdam” – Reheating The Track, Adding In Their Secret Blend of Upbeat Ingredients – Just In Time For Their Debut Headlining Show in San Diego

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

When it comes to Los Angeles-based up-and-coming electronic producers Matt Brown and Joseph Goodman who make up the Tuna Melt duo, your brain might instantly go to their impressive pantry of remixes, flips, or as they call them – “reheats”.

In today’s torrential downpour, we are pleased to report that Tuna Melt has released another one of its scrumptious flips. The track they decided to flip was Mau P’s “Drugs From Amsterdam” and if you have already heard the original, you know that it’s already a bouncy and house-forward single that has gone viral for its salacious vocals loops and its semi-rated R nature.

Tuna Melt puts the flavor first with this new remix. What listeners and fans can look forward to is a smorgasbord of danceable build-ups, intoxicating basslines, and those wildly addictive signature Tuna Melt soundscapes we all know, love, and keep coming back to.

This iconically rising duo has become synonymous with some of today’s most well-known and famous hit songs for their upbeat and addictive house remix counterparts (also gaining support from The Chainsmokers). With a fridge-full of remixes and flips on their menu like Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers”, MGMT’s “Kids”, and Doctor P’s “Sweet Shop” – among many others so be sure to check out those as well.

Tuna Melt expands on the decision to flip “Drugs From Amsterdam“:

“We’ve always thought it was a cool song but we wanted to reheat it in our own way. We generally try to find songs we’ve always loved or felt connected to especially when we flip older songs like MGMT’s “Kids” or we find new songs that we think need to be ‘tuna melted’.”
Tuna Melt

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San Diego | 7.8.2023
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