KAMAS – ‘BALLIN’ [Track Write-Up]

KAMAS Fires On All Pistons With His New Dubstep Heater Titled ‘BALLIN

Written by: Gabe Hamad & Garth Jones

Gabe shared:

Sit down and lock in! Today we are taking a dive into bass music producer KAMAS’s track “Ballin”. This is his first self-release since his Dim Mak, Subsidia, and Dirtysnatcha releases.

The song begins with a very melodic vibe. He uses a flute sound that carries the listeners ear as we arrive at the pre-build. When the bass and horns kick in it gives this song a ferocious drive that makes the drop come fast and hit hard!

The drop consists of some machine gun sounds and very aggressive screeches. The combination of the two really pop when the song starts to build again and then breaks down at the second drop.

As we start building again for the third drop that ambient flute is reintroduced, grabbing audience and building anticipation we finally arrive at the last drop where the bass and screeches are pitched up slightly giving it a more intense feel. This song is a heavy hitter and will be one in many playlists as we cruise through this summer.


Garth writes:

Boston-based electronic bass music artist KAMAS rips back the veils on what he has been up to lately with the self-release of ‘BALLIN‘. With his recent releases being ultra-successful like ‘Under Pressure’ with RENN featuring Dani King on the Dim Mak label along with ‘CORPSE‘ with Festivillainz on The Riddim Network label, respectively.

We can only assume that this Gridlock Management artist KAMAS‘s new track ‘BALLIN‘ is following the same trajectory of ascension to reaching listeners and fans.

BALLIN‘ opens itself up smoothly and utilizes a soft intro of chants to welcome listeners in to this imminent bass beatdown. The luring in continues to crescendo until we are officially granted access into this track with ‘I’m Ballin Til I’m Fallin’ coming before the drop.

We are led right off a cliff as this drop has immense power behind it leaving me breathless. What KAMAS accomplishes with this first drop is nothing short of intense and flooring. A violent mixture of dubstep, laced with hints of riddim, and peppered with darker trap vibes.

BALLIN‘ slices, it dices, and its chops with each and every piece of this production. KAMAS layers in so many cracks and crevasse of this track. Not a beat skipped, no corners cut, and musically fires on all pistons. We are betting this track was a blast to make.

What’s The Meaning Behind ‘BALLIN’?

KAMAS: This track is part of the preface for his upcoming EP that is set for release later in the year. The EP revolves around the story behind the Kama
The Kama is a hand-held sickle looking weapon which started off as a humble farm tool of the Okinawans. It soon evolved into a weapon when the ruling Samurai class ambushed the peasants and attempted to confiscate all their weapons.
During this ambush the peasants turned to their kamas and found them to be the perfect means to protect their livelihood. They found that not only did the kama allow them to defend themselves against the weapons of the Samurai (the bo staff or the samurai sword) but it provided them with the unique ability to grab the opponent’s weapon to disarm them, giving the peasants the upper hand in combat.
With these devices, they were able to regain control of their livelihoods and eliminate the oppression they had been facing for decades.
The EP reflects this experience; it represents the journey in which the peasants underwent to escape their oppression and regain their autonomy.
Hence, BALLIN represents how the Samurai felt when they seemingly maintained all the wealth in their region. They felt they were on top of the world, aka BALLIN, until the peasants woke up. 

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