Rozland Music Festival 2022 | Jeremy Rusilowski – The Man Behind Rozland [Exclusive Interview]

Rozland Music Festival Takes Place In White Cloud, Michigan From July 28th – 31st For Their Second Year Return

Phase Two Lineup Announcement And We Speak With The Founder, Jeremy Rusilowski

Written by: Garth Jones

This summer is shaping up to be a wild one in the festival circuit, nightclub domains, and event ecosystems across the country and world. After several years of the pandemic taking its choking grip, we are starting to see a normal recreational world return and this is only going to look more full and fun as time passes,

Rozland Music Festival is making its sophomore return this summer, garnering 4 days of music, spiritual rejuvenation activities, and food vendors to keep you filled and nutrient ready to rage!

UM.., Prophet, Chief Kaya, and GrymeTyme, are all announced as your headlining talents with more on the way in phase three of the lineup. Supporting acts include Chaotic Character, Rankor, As_Is, Bosstatus, and Afterfx, in addition to plenty more to keep your festival experience packed to the brim with auditory amazement.

To find out more, see what we had to ask the founder, Jeremy, and what he shared with us below!

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Q1: For any new readers, friends in the making, and soon-to-be fans, can you take us back to the beginning. Where did your fascination and passion for music start and ultimately lead you to dance music?

– For as long as I can remember, I have always had a very strong liking for good acoustics and sound quality. Both of my grandfathers had aftermarket stereo systems in their vehicles. The loud vocals and vibrations from the subwoofers started my passion for good-sounding frequencies at a young age. Fast forward to the age of 15, before obtaining my license, I had installed my own aftermarket stereo into my first car, a 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix that had been parked in the yard for some years. Listening to all genres of music led to electronic music finding me. The first memorable electronic artists for me are June Miller and Skrillex, and as they say, the rest is history.

Q2 Jeremy, Rozland Music Festival 2022 is closer than it is far, and this excites us. In what ways do you feel this concept, lineup, and festival will be unique and refreshing for the attendees?

– The concept behind Rozland is, and always will be, growth for our Michigan Fam. This goes for DJs, producers, production teams, and all our other moving parts. Our lineup is stacked with very talented artists from around the mitten. Highlighting the strength and unity of our local scene, you will not find a laundry list of national talent on our lineup. Yes, we will have a few national headliners, but the underlying goal here is to provide a solid stepping stone for our other artists to grow and expand their portfolios. Rozland is located on private property in the middle of the Manistee National Forest, not your typical open festival grounds. The peace, stillness, and tranquility of the rolling hills and dense tree-top canopy will be breathing with life. Locally rooted with intimate vibes, the setting is sure to not be overwhelming.   

Q3Michigan is no stranger to dance music. How do you feel The Mitten State will respond to your event and what new factors can you bring to the table as an event organizer? 

– We have great respect for Michigan, and especially for White Cloud, the home for Rozland. We opened our arms to the city, wanting to build a community with them. I have personally visited many local businesses, figuring out ways that Rozland could give back to White Cloud. The biggest success is our partnership with Newaygo County Animal Shelter. We are donating a percentage of our ticket sales directly to this shelter and encouraging physical donations, such as food and bedding, at the time of the festival. Not only does this build a positive reputation with the city, but it also promotes a positive environment for those attending because they’re giving back to something greater.

Q4: Do you have any surprises or tricks up your sleeve for Rozland or will your concertgoers have to wait to see what you have planned? 

– This year our full attention is on the health, reputation, and success of Rozland 2022. We have had some talk of bringing on a surprise guest, but nothing is confirmed. We will not pass on an opportunity to add some spice to this year’s event. For now, we are 100% focused on the overall event and will be providing a perfect experience for our artists and attendees. 

Q5: In the span of the four-day music festival Rozland, and in addition to live music, what else can fans look forward to on-site? 

– We are lucky to bring craft and food vendors to the festival for fans to enjoy. There will also be opportunities to participate in activities such as kandi making, tie-dye, meditation, yoga, sound bath experiences, spiritual healing, and other similar educational seminars.

Q6: Fast forward the clocks and take us to your ideal and utopian 2027 year. What does it look like and where are you professionally? 

– By the year 2027, the growth and expansion of the event and our team will be exponential. Our team will be those who have made the conscious decision to do right and act right by offering their energy to enhance other people’s quality of life through the organization of this event. People will leave our event feeling greater than they did when they arrived, with less stress and a better feeling of life. Event growth will stretch to the point of venue expansion, into facilities that can handle more amenities. We’ll include space for RVs and travel trailers, different housing accommodations, extensive shower and restroom facilities, and the potential for a homie resort-type vibe. In the next 15 years, I’ll remain professionally humbled, fulfilled, appreciative, and happy to provide opportunities to my entire team and staff.

Q7: What sort of inspiring advice or motivational talks can you briefly give someone who aspires to be in your shoes and position?

– If you can think it, you can make it happen. If you dream it, you can make it a reality. If you envision what you want, it will come to you. The key to manifestation comes from the vibrational alignment with who you are and what you truly want. The universe is a fair place and provides you with what you give your most attention to, no matter if your thoughts are good or bad. If you think of something constantly it will become your reality. So, think positively and positive will happen, think negatively and negative will happen. This is your life, and everything starts WITHIN you.

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