Premiere: Early Listen to JVZMIN’s Debut Dubstep Single “Dawn” [Track Write-Up + Premiere]

We Give You The Exclusive First Listen to Charlotte, NC‘s Rising Bass Music Producer JVZMIN‘s Debut Dubstep Original “Dawn” – Truly Jam-Packed w/ Loads of Bass & Surprises For Her Fans

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No stranger to leaving impressions, JVZMIN will be leaving her imprint on listeners once more with the release of her debut dubstep original release titled “Dawn”.

Officially dropping today, we here at Monsoon Season are giving you the first official reporting of the track. We’ve uploaded it to our YouTube, before it hits SoundCloud and Spotify so you can listen to it first (dated 5 a.m.).

“Dawn” garners a wildly inviting intro that pulls the listener in with the immediate drum-like trotting sound that quickly and expeditiously gets to the point as the drop is right around the corner.

This new release is brimming with pre-drop vocal chants, catchy samples, and dominating stamps of prowess is peppered throughout “Dawn” signifying she means business.

JVZMIN ever-so-effortlessly layers in an upbeat psytrance drop to break up the bass and bring forth a breath of fresh air in textbook style.

By the tracks end, the 3:06 duration of the track has fully bloomed into its finale and the bittersweet feeling of the end is near. Luckily, for us; YouTube has us fully stocked on replays and rewinds!

JVZMIN shares this with us:

“Dawn is a track I started after my first performance at Lost Lands. I started the intro and the first drop but then found myself stuck on where to take it. I found some inspiration in INHUMAN lately and decided to take a shot at a dark techno drop. It ended up sounding so damn dope so I said “you know what, I’m rolling with it.”


JVZMIN has gifted the bass music community and music market as a whole with a gemstone of is a true treat to all headbangers and bassheads alike, everywhere.

Revel in JVZMIN’s new fierce and fiery tune “Dawn” today and follow her on all social media and music streaming platforms to stay up to date with all things JVZMIN!

[Listen on YouTube]


In 2022, arguably her breakout year, won the world over with the announcement of her winning submission in Excision’s “Bass Music Initiative” where he and his team head selected a handful of artists togift them with a grant (amongst other helpful resources) to help boost their ascending music careers.

link c/o JVZMIN’s Instagram

Just recently, she tore the roof off of Wub N Dub Festival in April, and now in just four short months, we will all meet at Lost Lands Music Festival for her returning performance in Legend Valley, Ohio at the Village Marketplace to witness her do it again!

photo: JVZMIN | by: Divisuals | Bass Canyon

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