R0WL3N Releases A 2-Track Heater EP Titled “Bitter Heart” via THE GOBLINS LAIR [EP Write-Up]

R0WL3N‘s NEW Two-Piece EP “Bitter Heart” Packs One Helluva Punch For A Heavy-Hitting Dubstep Extended Play via THE GOBLINS LAIR

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Madera, California‘s R0WL3N just released his new “Bitter Heart” EP on Canadian bass music record label THE GOBLINS LAIR. The EP consists of two tracks with a total run time of 7:05. Each of the tracks harbors nasty basslines, captivating builds pre-drop chants, along with storytelling vocals, complete with fiery drops.

The first track on the EP is its flagship titled track “Bitter Heart” being 4:00 of pure heat and emulation of his prowess as a rising producer. This track sets the pace with instrumental workings, brassy drops, and manipulated frequencies that contrast throughout the track. He also combines several storytelling bits to create an atmosphere for transcending listeners into the mind of R0WL3N

Secondly on the EP is “Rewinder“, coming in at 3:05 is a hyped-up and headbang forward development. From start to finish this ender to the EP gives listeners a heavy dose of bass face that remains intact in its entirety. The grime factor is also extremely apparent with the swift soundscapes of favorable filth.

R0WL3N Shares w/ us:
In October of 2022 I wanted to make something special for Halloween. The idea behind Bitter Heart would be that living with a heart like that can be a nightmare, so I wanted it to be spooky/scary. Went to work on my computer & DAW software and created this story of a mad circus

After listening to this EP and learning more about R0WL3N‘s music catalog, we are undeniably stoked to see what else he has in store for the world and us here in the storm.

What a way to start the year with his newly released “Bitter Heart” EP! You can listen as it is OUT NOW on THE GOBLINS LAIR via all major streaming platforms.

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