Joseph Hicks, Founder of Riddim Network Announces Music Promo Services For ALL Artists [Industry News + Record Label Spotlight]

Joseph Hicks, Owner & Founder of Riddim Network & Trench Network Stops To Chat About His New Promo Services Geared For All Artists Aiming To Build Their Brand At Affordable Rates.

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

For years the electronic dance music sector has been riddled with excessive gatekeeping in all facets of the industry. From the limitation in access to opportunities and services for rising musicians to grow their brands via bookings, getting their music to larger markets, and general access of resources to increase and isolate aimed trajectories.

The notion that promotional services are cheating or providing false numbers is a closeminded and outdated belief in the current state of brand-building. The world is a much different place with the meteoric rise and steady stabilization of the internet’s current algorithmic interface.

Joseph Hicks plans to break down those barriers that have lasted far too long by offering his expertise and resources to the full spectrum of artists with his promo services now being available to all.

From Instagram growth services, SoundCloud reposts, genre-specific Spotify playlists, and promotional campaigns on YouTube videos via ads; ultimately generating favorable results over time versus an organic means of growth.

From small to large, novice to professional, he has dialed it down to a digestible science with a bracketed system that makes sense. This will allow every active member of the program an opportunity to grow at the rate they choose and at a price point that can they can afford.

Joseph aims to individualize and tailor each client’s needs to what they seek to acquire by providing his skillful and knowledgeable expertise to them. His affordable and fair pricing is also a staple to the services as he has tiered them to fit the artist’s goals.

Across his entire network, his collective reach amasses a whopping 25 million followers. With such a staggering amount of ears, profiles, and platforms to get his client’s music in front of, the end results are undeniably in their favor.

Some notable and familiar alumni that Joseph has worked with but is not limited to are names, acts, and talents such as: Automhate, Artix!, Akeos, Bainbridge, Bueg, Calcium, Carbin, DEUCEZ, Detrace, Fayte, Hi I’m Ghost, Izzy Vadim, Jkyl & Hyde, London Nebel, Madcore, and P0gman. The list keeps going but for the sake of this article, we’ll keep it short and sweet.

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Let’s Chat with Joseph About His Services & Expertise

Question 1: What gave you the idea to break down gatekeeping barriers and offer your expertise and resources to the many who do not have access to such services?

Joseph says: “Honestly, it came purely out of needing these services myself when I was producing as HU$KY

“I sent a submission into Firepower Records (before we all knew about Datsik) they ended up not even reading my submission email which at the time felt devastating but it was actually the greatest thing to happen to me because it inspired me to start the Riddim Network which allowed me to help end the cycle of gatekeeping going on in the industry.”

“I was sick of seeing the same artists get put on over and over while ripping the sound from the underground. I just wanted to help my people shine. I had seen a problem with the industry and wanted to help fix it.”

“Real talent deserves to be heard!”

Question 2: How do you plan to individualize clients’ needs and make them feel like they aren’t just a number? 

Joseph replies: “By keeping a small team and hands-on access over every campaign, directly communicating with each artist, their needs and goals, and making sure they understand we have their best interests at heart. When working with us. you can rest assured knowing we value the work you’re putting in to pay for our promotional services. I know what it means to be a starving artist and I know what it means to work a day job just to be able to invest in your passion. I don’t take that lightly and value every client.”

Question 3: You have built Riddim Network from the ground up and have seen it grow over time into the successful platform it is today. What has been the most challenging aspect of this construction, and how did you overcome that obstacle?

Joseph replies: “The most challenging aspect was continuing doing what I believed was right even when a lot of people had told me I was wrong. Especially when people that I had looked up to at the time started pushing back against me. Not gonna lie I got a lot of hate in the beginning because I was going against the norm, I was a disruption to a lot of players in the industry and had caught a lot of heat not only for pushing Riddim but also for offering promotion services that had previously only been accessible by big artists and labels.”

“Eventually these artists who pushed against me had to start making riddim just to stay relevant and some even reached out to obtain promotion for their releases after the collapse of many of these labels.”

“Honestly I would say I overcame this by staying consistent and never listening to the doubters. I was so convicted in my beliefs the thought of quitting never entered my mind, If anything the doubt and hate just confirmed I was accomplishing what I set out to do and that is to bring change.”

Question 4: What is the best way to access these services?

Joseph responds: “You can reach me directly on Instagram, Facebook and my email. I respond to all messages personally and will help you work out a proper promotion plan for your release(s).”

[Below is Joseph‘s personal Facebook page, Instagram profile, and email address. Click each on to be redirected to their pages and email]


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