Jane Doe DNB Gets Lively & Ludacris w/ Her NEW Attrition EP via Badkill Records [EP Write-Up]

South Australian Rising Talent Jane Doe DNB Puts Down A Quake w/ Her Newly Released 3-Track EP “Attrition” via Badkill Records

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

South Australian drum and bass artist Jane Doe DNB puts out her newly released three track Attrition EP via Badkill Records. The EP consists of “Hand Grenade“, “Mad About Nothing“, and “Prayer“, which is remixed by PANs LABOR. This is her sophomore release on the label, and this go-around she hones in her craft and showcases her prowess one more time.

Photo: Jane Doe DNB

The first track to the extended play is “Hand Grenade“. It immediately beckons your attention with the snappy builds, riveting energy, and looping vocals that put the right amount of comedy where it’s needed. From start to finish you feel the electricity in the production. Dancing with those high knees and snickering simultaneously.

Second up on the Attrition EP is “Mad About Nothing“, a more experimentally-driven addition to the setlist as it utilizes wonky basslines with a deeper thrill via the vocals of unnamed MC. Undeniably a powerhouse track that packs a punch at every corner. Layered superbly with elements that lift the energy sky-high.

Lastly on the EP is “Prayer“, a remix from PANs LABOR, a Cologne, Germany-based DnB artist who adds in personal glitchy effects, popping drum patterns, and high-speed appeal to send the EP off in great fashion.

The original track “Prayer” is from her Player 2 EP which was released 3 months ago but gets a facelift from PANs LABOR that truly levels the track up.

Photo: Jane Doe DNB

All three tracks garner massive energy and hit hard. Mixing in snippets of comedic relief, larger-than-life drum patterns, and vivacious basslines, she surely knows how to get listeners hooked and hyped. Easily a package of tunes to play out, hit repeat, and throw in your utmost energy-packed playlists and sets to rev the masses.

As Drum and Bass gains traction and grows in popularity here in the States, we are thrilled to not only have Monsoon Season get this music in front of more readers and listeners, but we are more-so excited to showcase more female artists on the world stage.

Jane Doe DNB is a firecracker producer who is rising through the ranks in her respective region in Australia and will have her thunderous tunes to show for it.

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