Anudder Planet Soaks The Masses w/ “Milk Me” via The Bass Space [Track Write-Up]

Anudder Planet Abducts Lactose Lifeforms w/ NEW Dubstep Tune “Milk Me” via The Bass Space

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

You ever imagine what would happen if already intelligent cows took over the future and were at the helm of artificial intelligence’s grasp?

No? Well, get in the rhythm with Ohio-based producer – Anudder Planet and his newest track “Milk Me” exclusively on The Bass Space. A crazy and wildly fun take on dubstep that is a storytelling vessel of that very hypothetical future.

From the robotic vocals to the forward-thinking elements and the grungy basslines in the track, Anudder Planet is on “anudder” level with this bass music heater.

The intro to the track wastes no time getting down and dirty with the instrumentals and earthquake-like build up. Accompanied by those robotic directives along heavy punches by the drums, the drops hushes any doubts that this campy take on dubstep will be your new favorite.

Pour a tall glass of milk, get down to this track, and fully envelope yourself in the shoes (or hooves) of Anudder Planet as he anticipates a full takeover on your mind and auditory systems with “Milk Me”.

Out Everywhere NOW on The Bass Space!

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