HUSKI Graces Us w/ His NEW Drum & Bass Single “Take Me Tonight”[Track Write-Up]

HUSKI Howls To The Masses w/ His NEW Riveting Drum N’ Bass Single Titled “Take Me Tonight” – Underpinned w/ Ethereal Vocals & Upbeat Rhythms

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Cover Art by: Slashvd01

Carlos Torres, or best known under bass music moniker as HUSKI is back in our storm with another state-of-the-art tune. This go-around he is armed with a drum n’ bass track titled “Take Me Tonight“.

Take Me Tonight” harbors an electrifying tempo and rhythmic composition backed by its unifying basslines. What really catches audience’s attention is the elegant vocals that contrast the syncopated drumming patterns and sonic display of elements that layer in the otherworldly feels.

pictured: HUSKI

The jaw-dropping vocals and heart-pounding mellow punches HUSKI utilizes throughout this D&B heater keeps the listener locked and loaded for one helluva experience. Well-worth several replays – because one listen doesn’t serve it the justice it deserves.

The fact the production isn’t overpowering and let the true beauty of the vocals shine through is what compliments the gravitas of the track. A well-balanced and dynamically delivered tune that gives us a snapshot into the creative genius of HUSKI.


“Take Me Tonight, Some Place In My Mind”
“Float Up Into Space & Change The Fate Over Time”

Fresh off the heels (or paws/claws for the sake of his brand) of several massive releases the year prior such as dubstep, future riddim, and trench bangers “Never Wanna Leave“, “Protect You“, and Give Us Time with BLODYA; he is adding another impressive production to his repertoire.

HUSKI‘s music is outstanding. Each and every time he releases a tune; they get better and more refined. He is always at the helm of taking what we know as a genre and elevating it to such a level that it flips what we thought was possible in the realms of electronic music.

pictured: HUSKI

HUSKI is always forward-thinking when it comes to music. He was recently featured on our 40 Artists To Watch earlier this month – simply for the reason of why we are here today, his prowess.

We have to cover it to do our part in getting this man’s music to the masses in any way, shape, or form.

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