Notixx – ‘Satellite’ | SubCarbon Records Release [EP Write-Up] NEW Six-Track Bass/Wonk Extended Play

Notixx Delivers A Cosmically Charged EP via Subcarbon Records Titled ‘Satellite‘, Launching Listeners Into A Wild & Wonky Orbit.

Cloud Coverage By: Garth Jones


Ryan Sinatra, also known under his moniker Notixx does a number on us with Satellite, his newest 6-track EP via SubCarbon Records, a label created by Ganja White Night.

Satellite, the flagship track to the 6-piece extended play, starts it off with an orchestral and symphonic introduction. The colorful and playful introduction creates the foundation for what is to become a turbulent and dynamic display of skill and creativity. From start to finish, Satellite is an adventure for the mind and auditory senses.

photo by: Nathen Lane Media

Golden, the second track to ‘Satellite‘, switches gears on listeners with its welcoming builds and ultra-deep wonk sections, setting the tone for a fun-filled experience. At second drops, we are gifted with ‘Switch The Bass On Em‘ which in fact, is a breath of fresh air of melodic sensation. At every corner, ‘Golden‘ radiates its shine onward to the audience and listener.

Need Your Love‘ falls into place as the third addition to the EP. Slower soundscapes, modified vocals, and deeply manipulated sample usages all garner this track of the extended play. A cinematically-driven out-of-body type experience that holsters surprises in every crevasse of ‘Need Your Love‘.

Floored finds its way as the fourth track in ‘Satellite‘. Taking the pace down and dimming the metaphorical musical lights, and arousing any and all sensations the body and mind have to offer. The intensity is brought back to full speed with an array of electrifying whips and switchback growls. The mix of wonk and headbanging rage-worthiness is all here and we love it.

Style is the fifth piece to ‘Satellite‘, which starts off on the melodic and softer sides of the EP, building a crescendo with the second build to let off an ‘I’ve Got Style You Cannot Finesse’. Subsequent to this brief but prominent shakedown, we are let into the world of ‘Style’ and it is a mind-altering and hallucinatory jaunt through the intellect of Notixx‘s vision of Satellite, with ‘Style‘.

On The Horizon, lays it all down and sends off the EP as the final track to Satellite. A long-form auditory experience that encapsulates the vast and open feeling of being lost in deep space. From the eerie chants to the ominously elongated soundscapes, On The Horizon grows on the listener as a therapeutic and mindful variation of yoga. Tensions are released, the soul expands, and our capabilities to see where Notixx is going with this EP is apparent. It’s on the horizon of space.

photo by: Nathen Lane Media

‘Satellite’ is OUT NOW on all major streaming platforms. Listen to it today!
Let us know your favorite track(s) from the 6-track EP via SubCarbon Records in the comments!

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