Perfetto Gathers ALRT, DotEXE, Valy Mo, & Going Deeper For “Night Calls Me” (Ft. John Twilight) The Remixes [EP Write-Up]

Perfetto‘s “Night Calls Me” Featuring John Twilight Gets Remixed By ALRT, DotEXE, Valy Mo, & Going Deeper – A Multitextured & Genre-Bending Remix EP

Cloud Coverage By: Garth Jones


Perfetto, a Los Angeles-based electronic dance music producer returns to the stormy skies of Monsoon Season with another stand-out release. This time, it’s a hyper-futuristic remix extended play that features four producers’ variations of ‘Night Calls Me‘ featuring John Twilight. A wildly emotive and serene vocalist who also is a master at plucking the heart’s strings with his lyrical effortlessness and eloquence.

The two have had this gem tucked in their back pockets for some time now just sitting, aging, and awaiting its resurfacing. 8 years ago to be exact. Both Perfetto and John Twilight knew they were sitting on an incredible piece of art but time had a better plan for the production. After several revisions and many moons later, the track is reborn in August and remixed in the following September.

Today we have Perfetto’s original tune ‘Night Calls Me‘ which features John Twilight getting remixed by the talented likes of ALRT, DotEXE, Valy Mo, and Getting Deeper. All surefire featurettes of a lifetime for your listening pleasure. From low to high, slow to fast, this EP is a standalone treasure from Perfetto and John Twilight.

After listening to this masterpiece original and the remix album, we already want more of John Twilight‘s vocals, lyrics, and emotional impact in future Perfetto tracks and more artists across the world. Get ready to be floored.

Each variation holds it down for uniqueness, danceability, and delivery in originality in their own respects. From the high-energy house music, futuristic melodic bass, and late-night club, the reiterations are here and wild at that. Our hats are off to ALRT, DotEXE, Valy Mo, and Going Deeper.

Let’s take a finer look at each one and what makes them so special.

WHEN /// THE /// NIGHT /// CALLS /// ME

I /// FEEL /// NO /// PAIN ///



ALRT gives off an electrifying experience in his salacious and upbeat variation to ‘Night Calls Me‘. An incredible crescendo of builds that are let off in a stunning fashion. One for the books and more so in your next playlist of upbeat, hysterical, and more progressive sets of tunes. This remix alone will keep you white-knuckled, edged, and surefire-ready for the day. ALRT always brings the utmost energy to his productions.


ARE /// YOU /// REAL


Before we start looking into DotEXE‘s remix of “Night Calls Me, there is a significant piece of information we need to cover that puts a great deal of influence on the subject. Here it is. DotEXE is actually an incredibly decorated and well-known bass music name and act. Most familiarly for our circa 2010-2014 dubstep listeners. His breakthrough remix of Meg & Dia‘s ‘Monsters‘ was sensational and arguably pioneering for more melodic-type dubstep tracks. Amassing millions of streams since its fruition, and going viral on TikTok, this artist is no stranger to the long-term industry tenure.

courtesy of DotEXE’s FB

With that being said, DotEXE creates new tributaries from his normal channel in a hyper-surreal and melodic future bass reiteration of Perfetto‘s latest hit piece. Separating himself with this remix DotEXE funnels true artificial soundscapes with his robotic yet humane sections. As a true aficionado, DotEXE showcases a different but likable side to his repertoire as he makes a return to the international circuit. “Night Calls Me” is undeniably in his wheelhouse of spectacle picks for a return track.


Going Deeper

Going Deeper does a number on “Night Calls Me” featuring John Twilight. In great remix fashion, we get a house remix and one helluva one at that. While keeping the core highlights on deck, duo producers Going Deeper add their own personal flare to the original. From the caffeinated and berzerk-hyper house music energy to the uplifting and feel-good lyrics of John Twilight‘s, this remix takes the cake for danceability and overall peak performance. Such a good time every time we press play and more so pressing replay. A surefire treat.

Valy Mo

Valy Mo‘s riveting remix sends shivers down my spine. An absolute treasure emulates this remix as an out-of-body experience and leaves an imprint on the listener’s soul. The mix of the vocal footwork from Twilight‘s performance along with Valy Mo’s incredible production, and the blueprint Perfetto leaves behind, is all a synergistic and cohesive marriage between the three. This remix is hands down my favorite of the four. The way Valy Mo took this remix into the upper echelon of house music has left me speechless and ready for more.

I highly suggest adding these remixes to any workout, sports, or motivation playlist for your next outing.


(How do they compare? Tell us in the comments)

Listen to the original ‘Night Calls Me‘ to get the best of both worlds.
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