INHUMAN – ‘WAR’ (feat. The Well Runs Red) [Track Write-Up]

INHUMAN Decimates The Masses With Metal Vocalist The Well Runs Red For Their Release Titled ‘WAR

Written by: Brandon Rafferty

INHUMAN (F.K.A. Code Pandorum) absolutely obliterates his audience once again in his latest release, WAR, which is out now on all platforms. This man is no stranger to releasing a diverse and genre-spanning catalog, and this time he joins forces with The Well Runs Red to help blend metal elements into a trap/dubstep banger. This track is destined to be played at shows across the world for the rest of the year. To top off this high-level release, they even teamed up and made a music video meant to send you into an epileptic coma, and I am here to cover it all.


Anyone familiar with INHUMAN’s work will know that the track obviously has a tension-building intro, which then transfers into a metalcore-styled breakdown, accompanied by ‘The Well Runs Red’s screaming vocals. The roaring verse quickly transitions into a build-up where we hear the track’s title mentioned when the tagline “This is war” is yelled right before the devastating drop. The drop consists of main bass growls/stabs, while a pulsating bass synth roars through your speakers descending down the frequency spectrum, creating an almost “falling’ effect to the tone and atmosphere.

We are briefly interrupted by a small vocal build, bringing us into a new section where the pace is slowed down and the basses are beyond gnarly. The 2nd half is equally as great as the first and structured similarly to the first, but the drop itself completely sounds different yet in the same universe. That being said, I feel it’s an appropriate time to start talking about the visuals that the music video brings. 

The Well Runs Red

The visuals to this track are high quality, to say the least. The entire video is basically an on-beat strobe light laid over the scenery. The backgrounds include the skull art that this track is accompanied by, and also flashes of “The Well Runs Red” in the flesh. Overall, creating a very sinister and suffocating experience. 

In summary, WAR is an absolute beast of a release. The quality of both the song and the visuals are top-notch and also not overdone in any way. The intro is captivating and the drop just completely destroys everything in its path. All in all, we have yet another stellar release from INHUMAN and a great first look into his forthcoming “COLLISION‘. Along with this, go check out this 2nd single off of the same EP, which is a massive collab between himself and QOEIT, which also just got released at the time this article was being made.

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