Minimal Audio – The Hub For Creativity And Innovation [Brand Write-Up]

We Get A Closer Look At Minimal Audio And What The Software Company Offers

Written by: Brandon Rafferty

Minimal Audio is self-described as “a team of musicians, sound designers, engineers, and artists who build products we love to use.” Together they have achieved massive goals and success such as releasing plug-ins, making movie scores for movies, and even a few AAA games. They recently have begun to pick up serious traction and attention with the release of their first-ever plug-in, “Rift”. I know personally, a few friends and I discovered this game-changing plug-in when the company “Splice” sent out an email advertising their latest rent-to-own plug-in.

Since my first encounter with this company, I have found myself in a deep rabbit hole of acquiring as many of their products as humanly possible. Rift is hands down the most in-depth and versatile distortion plug-in I have used to date. It not only allows you to separately modify the positive and negative polarity signals of your original sound, but its effects at times can almost create their own unique rhythms and patterns, taking the most simple one-shot bass, and turning it into its own bass loop.

Their products don’t just stop at plug-ins, however. They also create some of the most unique and versatile high-quality sample packs I have personally used. “Emerge” is hands down the beefiest and disgusting pack they offer at this time, while they also offer mini packs that focus simply on atmospheric soundscapes. If that wasn’t enough to sell you, they even offer free sample packs that blow these other paid packs away! 

This team offers so much to its consumers and fans compared to other companies on their level. They truly are giving producers unique sounding elements to help further push the boundaries and creativity of modern EDM and bass music producers.

Minimal Audio is the breath of fresh air we producers need, and I look forward to seeing how they continue to push the limits in their coming releases. I asked what they had in store for the year and I’ll leave you with this quote.

“The future for Minimal Audio holds a lot! We’re currently working on some awesome sample libraries and plugins. I can’t share too much, but be on the lookout for more killer stuff this year”.

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