BVLVNCE – ‘Alchemical Transmutation’ Album Q&A | Recall Records Release [Artist Interview]

We Chat With BVLVNCE About His New Metal/Dubstep ‘Alchemical Transmutation’ Album On Recall Records

Interview By: Garth Jones

Q1. Welcome to our storm, BVLVNCE! We are absolutely honored to have the opportunity to speak with you! Before we jump into your new album, can you give shed some light on your moniker BVLVNCE? Where does this name come from?

A1: My artist name is pronounced Balance but is very easily, and understandably, misunderstood. Balance to me felt very applicable because each of us have an internal battle going on within us constantly. We are all seeking to outweigh the bad with the good and it’s a constant struggle. I’ve always found myself in the middle of conversations, arguments, and ideologies. I tend to see and empathize with both sides of things. I think people are so caught up in their idea being right that they don’t realize that two things can be true at once. Having this vision of harmonizing people, the name really felt applicable. I also like to use stark/contrasting imagery in my branding, and sonically I like to switch from aggressive/heavy tracks, but then also to light and melodic tracks. I like being able to play off both sides of things because of my name.

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Q2: Alchemical Transmutation is out now on Recall Records and well-received among the dance music community and the metal industry. How do you feel now about the release now that it’s out? A mix of relieved and excited, we can only assume?

A2: I am super stoked it is out! Definitely relieved because I have been sitting on the album for quite some time, and it also took a really long time to make. This album represents personal growth to me, but also I feel it showcases my abilities as someone who is more than just a vocalist. I feel my production and guitar skills are highlighted in this album which is something I’ve been really wanting. I feel it’s the album that finally shows what my sound is truly meant to be as an artist. I am also ready to move onto the next chapter and take my production skills an even higher level.

Q3: The album garners seven spine-shattering releases with collaborations with artists Heaven Fell, Mataio, 4nzek, and NVERENDS. Each bringing their unique and flooring abilities to the table on the album. What led you to pick these heavy-hitters to contribute to the totality of the album?

A3: The main reason why I chose these artists is because I felt that they were under recognized but extremely talented. If there is/was a chance of this album blowing up, I’d want it to also highlight friends of mine that deserve the spotlight too. Also, a big part of why I chose these people was because of our shared love for metalcore music. I was really trying to blend/merge EDM and metalcore and these were the perfect people to help me achieve my goal.

Q4: Your particular fusion of metal and electronic dance music has turned heads and broken necks since the fruition of BVLVNCE. What does heavy metal bring to the larger picture of bass music that other genres simply cannot touch?

A4: Heavy metal brings a sense of intensity and aggression that bass music already had, but it takes it to a new level. Also, I find metal to be a genre for people that feel misunderstood by society as a whole. There is a huge sense of comradery that occurs within the metal community, because in general life we are outcasts. But when all of us misfit people get together we feel at home. II love seeing that element of comradery come into bass music as well.

Q5: Where do you see yourself in five years as a musician? Give us a glimpse into that utopian 2026 year!

A5: My hope is to be impacting a larger scale of people than I am currently with my music. The reason being is I think I have a valuable and genuine message to offer. My intention is to help people with music, like the bands I listened to growing up helped me. I also would like to be making a more consistent living off my music. I am a pretty modest and chill dude, so I don’t want much, I just want to live comfortably without anything extravagant.

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Q6: As music diversifies and changes at a moment’s notice, how do you stay inspired to deliver next-level material for your fans and listeners?

A6: I think listening to the younger producers’ music that is coming out is important and inspiring. There are people that are under 18 that are making extremely innovative EDM, which blows my mind.

Q7: Each track on the album is titled eloquently with certain chemical changes and scientific processes. Where did the idea come from to not only titled the album ‘Alchemical Transmutation’, along with keeping the same ideology for each track?

A7: My girlfriend actually helped me think of the concept for the album. I have an EP called ‘Elements’ and I was talking to her about creating a concept album as a follow-up to the EP. She had mentioned someone online had taken each stage of alchemy and come up with a spiritual/personal development metaphor for each one. I took a general concept and ran with it and then came up with the name from there.

Q8: We never anticipate artists to choose favorites with their music, but was there a certain track on this album that stood out more so or resonated with you musically compared to others?

A8: My favorites are Conjunction and Calcination. I just feel that they really represent me as an artist and the sound that I am trying to cultivate.

Q9: What sort of vocal training do you do to scream like that? What sort of regimens or preparations do you partake in to manifest such power with each scream, growl, and recital of lyrics?

A9: I’ve been doing vocals for about 15 years. I am mostly self-taught but I did do a couple of online lessons with Melissa Cross recently. She trains a lot of the big-name metalcore vocalists. I grew up being in local bands so I got a lot of the first-hand experience just playing showing and practicing. When I first started I would try to replicate my favorite vocalists but have since moved away from that. I almost always start with clean vocals/singing and then move on screaming once my voice is warmed up. It’s unwise to start your session with screaming. For live performances, it’s always good to do a quick singing warm-up too.

Q10: Who is putting in the sweat, blood, and overtime these days who deserve a little more recognition? Give them a well-rounded BVLVNCE shout-out

A10: There are so many people that deserve more recognition but I will name a few. Wesley Collins of Recall Records. Mataio, NVRENDS, 4nzek, Heaven Fell, MANSHN, DVDDY, Shaded Grains, Bad Beginnings, CLOUDSIGHT, Krushendo, HOPS, Blosso, and more.

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