Lizzy Jane – Gas Me Up (Remixed) | Emengy Records Release [EP Write-Up] ESAI, Jaysyx, & Prismatic

Emengy Releases The Remixes For Lizzy Jane’s Mega-Hit ‘Gas Me Up’ From ESAI, Jaysyx, and Prismatic.

Written by: Garth Jones

ESAI Remix [3:02]

ESAI, hailing from Seoul, South Korea brings his fresh and futuristic skills to the likes of the ‘Gas Me Up’ remixes. Unexpectedly, this remix is a breath of fresh air with all the enlightening additions and well-placed sounds he commits to. Dialing in on the original core pieces but flaring up in areas that make this standout as its own track. ESAI doesn’t waste a second in his creation to remind you that what he can do isn’t to be undermined nor ignored. This remix gasses up the listener and leaves a smile on their face.

Jaysyx Remix [4:16]

Jaysyx, a San Diego, California-based music producer who is well known for his brutal take on bass music delivers a total knockout take on Lizzy Jane’s ‘Gas Me Up’ Obliterating every curve and corner of the remix with deafening bass and earth-shattering drops. Boosting your expectations to the next level, you are surprised to find that this remix is just what you wanted, from front to back. Jaysyx does a number on ‘Gas Me Up’, and trust us when we give this a six out out of five stars. We haven’t a doubt you’ll feel the same when you’re gassed all the way up.

Prismatic Remix [2:59]

Prismatic, a Colorado-based producer who has been slicing and dicing his way to the top with his remarkable originality takes on Lizzy Jane’s ‘Gas Me Up’. What he accomplishes in the jaw-dropping 2:59 remix is otherworldly and simply next-level. While honoring the original we all know and love, he elevates it with bone-crushing bass, and shape-shifting twists and turns that will get you on your feet in no time.


Want to be the some of the first to listen to the totality of the remixes? Gas yourself up by hitting the pre-save link below and supporting these three talented producers, Emengy, and Lizzy Jane all all the same time. It drops this Friday, September 10th.

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