Revvrend Debuts: RVLTN Records [Record Label Spotlight] 5 Re-Mastered Tracks + 1 New Bass Music Banger

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Written by: Garth Jones

Revvrend Unleashes The New RVLTN Records With 5 Re-Released Bangers And A New Release

Revvrend summons up a truly ominous project with his debut imprint RVLTN Records. Swinging right out of the gate, he packs in his five releases titled ‘Daemon Slayer’, ‘Ironborne’, ‘100 Days’, ‘Trinity’, ‘Halfstep’, and ‘Zombielands’. All giving off massive energy and craftmanship in their own totality and respects. The complimenting off each track to the next only amplifies their order. Starting with Daemon Slayer and following each subsequent track to the next you find that this is a storyline and a fortified one at that.

Each release has a powerful cover art to generate a even stronger essence of where the direction of the music goes. A medieval, dark, and treacherous atmosphere is accomplished in the artistry of Revvrend‘s mind to even manifest such a vision.

The dynamic length to the collection of music isn’t to be ignored either. With the longest being Daemon Slayer sitting at an impressive 7:12, the start to this adventure needs a good introduction. Then, drifting in to Ironborne at 4:13, 100 Days and Trinity both fall into place at 4:02, while Halfstep comes in at a well-rounded 2:51, and the new release Zombielands picks up the final pace with a healthy 3:44 of pure chaos.

Listen to each, immerse yourself in the art, and get ready for one helluva new ride with Revvrend as he take his new RVLTN Records into the upper-echelons of the label circuit. Keep your eyes peeled for demo submissions, new releases, and be sure to support him by visiting the tabs above such as Bandcamp, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Your constant and cherished contributions help!

Daemon Slayer – [RVLTN 001]


Ironborne – [RVLTN 002]


100 Days – [RVLTN 003]


Trinity – [RVLTN 004]


Halfstep – [RVLTN 005]

Zombielands – [RVLTN 006]

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