Flatland Funk + Smiles Only – Living For Today (Remixed) | Emengy Records Release [EP Write-Up] TRVCY / Bizo / Shoku / 2 VIPs

Flatland Funk & Smiles Only – Living For Today (Remixed)

Written by: Garth Jones

Flatland Funk and Smiles Only have amassed nearly 100K streams on their release ‘Living For Today‘ on Emengy‘s SoundCloud and Spotify alone, which is immensely mind-blowing considering it has only been 8 months. Yes, in under one year these two dynamic and explosively-talented music producers teamed up with Emengy to put out one helluva track that has been played damn-near one hundred thousand times. You can wipe the sweat off your forehead, too. We know, its crazy! Although the proof is in the production.

Original Artwork

The releases itself is built up of serenading vocals that take you on a storytelling walk through time and chaos. Fortified by a massive electrically-charged synth breakdown, gnarly build up, and one intense drop structure mixed with so many gut-wrenching sounds. Followed by another set of grueling drops with even more power and might than the last round. A complete balance of a hardcore-helping of bass and a serene soundscape of vocals to even out its contrast. This original collaboration is mentally destabilizing. Although, just imagine, these remixes ahead are going to be even more bonkers.

I’m Living For Today Because It’s Not Over

Featuring Remixes From TRVCY, Bizo, SHOKU, and 2 VIPs; each from Smiles Only & Flatland Funk | Presented By Emengy

Now, we have three shined, buffered, and polished brand new remixes from TRVCY, Bizo, and SHOKU in addition to a new variation from Flatland Funk and one from Smiles Only as VIPs respectively. Get ready for a complete bass-beatdown from all five of these incredible artists. The joyride they take you on will be one of the best rides you’ve taken ever taken! Sit tight and sit back, it’s going to get bumpy.


[TRVCY Remix]

Argentina-based bass music producer, TRVCY, best known for his immense productions like Watch This, Shiver, his many appearances with Emengy, Never Say Die, and Flatland Funk. TRVCY takes his dark and catchy style and adds it into the mainframe of the track resulting in another otherworldly creation of his.
Packing a punch in every direction of the track, TRVCY undeniably adds in his signature touches, growls, and drops, but with a new feel. You can assuredly see TRVCY’s progression and skill becoming more defined and articulate and this remix is a perfect exemplification. Get ready for this rowdy reiteration from TRVCY dropping July 2nd, on Emengy!

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[Bizo Remix]

French music producer Bizo sets to destroy with his remix! Holy moly, Between the instantaneous brutal bass delivery and the Gatlin gun bombardment of hits and drums in it to back it. This remix definitely takes it up a notch and creates a dystopian atmosphere with the manipulated deep vocals Bizo adds. This is not only a remix to lookout for but an artist to keep your eyes peeled for in the coming times ahead. A truly impressive remix that checks off on all the prerequisites for an ungodly experience dropping on July 2nd, with Emengy.

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[SHOKU Remix]

Los Angeles-located bass music producer SHOKU adds his coronal flare to ‘Living For Today‘ but instantly taking it into the upper echelons of hard trap and inflammatory style bass music. Right away, SHOKU adds a darker, male-forward vocal manipulation to recite the verses in the beginning, then, getting right to work by creating a nasty build up into the concrete-hard bassline and punches to carry throughout the track. A serious take on this original and it only sits at an impressive 2:46 so trust is when we say less is more.

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[Smiles Only VIP]

You’d be crazy if you thought this plethora of productions didn’t have a drum and bass rendition in it. Smiles Only takes their collaboration with Flatland Funk and flips it on its head while keeping some core pieces to remind you just where this came from.
The wild, rambunctious, and frankly aggressive variation here at hand will almost undeniably end up on your favorites list, new playlists, and in the clutches of your mind playing over and over. The energy is purely radioactive and will seep right into your veins resulting in you busting a move and breaking a sweat. A must-listen VIP, for sure!

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[Flatland Funk VIP]

Always at the helm of being forward-thinking, cutting-edge, and ahead of his time, Flatland Funk gives us an ominous variation to his already gripping collaboration with Smiles Only. The introduction begins with long pulling-howls and the original vocals to then be taken on a totally otherworldly approach to the collaboration. Adding in some brief hip-hop samples to break it up and giving it a treatment of experimental bass/laser-like hits to follow its build up.
What this man accomplishes in the 3:44 at hand is not to be taken lightly. Every angle, corner, and crevasse of this VIP is unlike anything your ears have heard, or are going to hear until July 2nd when it drops everywhere on Emengy.

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