SINESTRA – Mining A New Form Of Riddim [Artist Spotlight]

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[By: Sarahi Pelayo]

Sinestra Is Mining A New Form Of Riddim

photo of: Sinestra

[Los Angeles-based] producer Sinestra is 24 years young and is coming into the scene making huge moves. Attending college [Florida State]  made him realize that school wasn’t something he was passionate about but music was so he started playing at college bars and became a promoter in hopes to learn how the music industry worked. There wasn’t many bass acts in Tallahassee, Florida it was mostly tech house and a lot of house.

In the mere beginning of his music path he wasn’t producing seriously and mostly just spinning bass house at shows he played at. He then started producing lo-fi music but always knew he wanted to play bass shows, but he wasn’t exactly familiar with the genre riddim and dubstep. He then took a leap by moving to South Florida to be a ghost producer, while doing so he then realized that this was something he could make a living off of.

Sinestra then moved again to Columbus Ohio, a hot spot known for bass music, this opened up new opportunities for him and also got him out of homelessness. Moving to a city that was known for bass music he then started learning and producing dubstep for about a year before planning another big move. His new plan was to save up money to move to Los Angeles, the hot spot known for EDM communities. After then moving to Los Angeles he got a house and things just suddenly started falling into place. 

Sinestra then started making moves by getting booked at Avalon [a well known EDM club] in Los Angeles and started progressing his sound, eventually he ended up going on tour with Artix in Mexico. On tour he met a crew and started making connections and it was at that moment he realized he had to step it up and level himself up. Prior to rebranding he had a prior alias before he was officially rebranded as Sinestra, by rebranding he knew he wanted to make “creepy riddim” and it was inspired by World of WarCraft.

Although the pandemic didn’t treat him so well he ended up losing his apartment and moving in with his manager in San Diego. He didn’t lose hope though he ended up using this moment to create something much more valuable. He then created Torment Audio to help create a platform for his friends and his music. Flash forward to the present they have already announced to be playing takeovers the first one taking place in Columbus, Ohio on June 26th.

Although Sinestra has created dubstep and riddim he knew he didn’t want to limit his music to just these genres. Sinestra has started working on a huge project to create something innovative and his new music is showcasing just that. Out with the old and in with the new, he is creating something called “Crystal Riddim”. When asked about this new concept his said to imagine “A Dragon Tales vibe”

His latest release ‘Decoy’ can be found on all his streaming links and on his SoundCloud he already has over two thousands plays. It’s about a four minute song that has a bouncy riddim feel to it, occasionally the punchline “It was a decoy moron”. The song itself has a good flow to it; the elements added to the song compliment each other. 

If you’re interested in hearing his latest project on “Crystal Riddim” head over to Octopus Audio, it was released May 10th and already has three thousand plays! This song is just the start of the new genre labeled as Crystal riddim and if you’re looking to listen to some more music then make sure to follow Sinestra on all social media platforms for more!


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