OK. Kevin + Smokzart Deucey – ‘The Sauce’ | Nectar Collective Release [Track Write-Up] NEW TRAP ANTHEM ALERT

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OK. Kevin Teams Up With Smokzart Deucey To Deliver Trap Anthem ‘The Sauce’ On Nectar Collective

3:26 might be the quantified time length of ‘The Sauce‘ by OK. Kevin & Smokzart Deucey but the lasting impression it has on any listener is undeniably going to last a lifetime. What they have achieved in this release is a top-tier reiteration on trap music with flares of midtempo and a relatable set of bars and vocals that is unlike what you can anticipate or expect. This is ‘The Sauce‘.

photo of: OK. Kevin

In the initial start up to the track is an aeriated introduction that lays almost immediately into Smokzart Deucey‘s verses to create an atmospheric setting backed by OK. Kevin‘s sporadically-sound electronic skillset. The shifts and changes in the dynamics of the highs and lows in synths and crushing drops keep you hooked and wanting more.

‘Hit em wit’ it’

At the second drop, what may seem unreal and unprecedented is exactly that, unheard of and unique in style and structure. Where it takes you, mentally and metaphorically, is high-above any normalcy. The complex rifts, shifts, and turns are purely out of a movie. Contrasting from high-end and luminous to dark and low-end decibels, fortified by looping and reoccurring soundscapes to really pack a punch. What a spectacle of sound and a search for something new, that is truly impressive.

Give yourself the opportunity to listen to this one-of-a-kind creation from OK. Kevin and Smokzart Deucey‘s ‘The Sauce‘, exclusively on Nectar Collective. If it is your jam, we recommend using the free-download/stream feature above, and sharing it to all of your electronically driven friends, producers, and promoters alike. They will not be disappointed.

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