Milazzo – ‘Party’ [Track Write-Up + Interview] New House Banger From Texan-Based Rising Artist

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Milazzo Sets Out To Rage The Night Away With Her New Bass House Release ‘Party’

[Dallas, Texas-based] electronic dance music artist Milazzo’s introduction into this culture and community is just as impressive as her new house music release titled – ‘Party‘. While her history into dance music is relatable and relevant, her current journey she is on is filled with highlight moments, surreal memories, and experiences only fit for the hard-working type, and that is assuredly her; Milazzo.
While studying at UNT and going to events in her free time from school, she witnessed the same phenomenon most of us did, the electronic dance music scene and movement. Her love of going to events coupled with her musical background turned into a desire to create music electronically. She then began her newfound road of becoming a full-time producer. Now, five years later, she has shared stages with tune-titans like AC Slater, Jack Beats, Phlegmatic Dogs, and Chris Lorenzo, she is now making a name for herself in Texas’s festival circuit, and doing a damned good job at it.

Her new release at hand, ‘Party‘, takes you on an upbeat jaunt through the mind of Milazzo. Her energetic style, hip-hop-derived vocals, and intense bass lines used here are to get anyone on their feet and in the mood. Taking the vigor way up, chopping the vocals, and adding in a low to the floor beat that changes at the halfway point. What she has accomplished in this release is a new take on house music, and obviously and thankfully; it is here to stay. With over 2,800 plays in the first week, you can rest assured (or party assured) that this is a dancefloor banger!

Some say “the proof is the pudding“, while we are fervent believers that “the proof is in the PARTY“!

Q1: Welcome to our thunderous setting! What can you tell us about your introduction to dance music and the choice behind the moniker Milazzo?

A1: Thanks for having me! My love for dance music began when I attended my first Lights All Night festival in Dallas, TX. The emotions I felt from the music combined with the sense of unity I experienced within the crowd opened my eyes to a world I’d never known. I was hooked. Soon after, house music felt like home; as well as the venues I frequented weekly to catch different acts. I began producing music electronically during this time, and adopted the artist name “Milazzo” from my own last name and the city in Italy from where my family emigrated. 


Q2: Your new track ‘Party‘ is out now! How does it feel to wrap up this production and send it out to the masses? Pretty exciting, we imagine?

A2:  Yesss “Party” is finally out! I’m so excited to share it with the world because I genuinely had so much fun writing this track. I hopped out of my chair a few times during playback and knew that I had to play this in the club

‘All We Wanna Do Is Party!’


Q3: We are halfway through 2021! How time flies! What do you plan to do in the remaining 6 months to continue to captivate crowds and lure in listeners? 

A3: We are halfway through the year aren’t we?
I spent a big portion of the first part of the year writing and recording vocals for producers like NuBass, Albzzy, Isenberg, and a few other bass house heavy-hitters. The next few months you’ll hear those tracks, and can anticipate one more original production from me as well. I’m booked to play in Dallas, Houston, and Austin the next three months and plan to throw down new heaters as well as unreleased.. so stay tuned for those dates to drop!

Q4: Back to your new track ‘Party‘. In what ways was this track challenging and how did you overcome it? Creatively and structurally! 

A4: With “Party” I had a bit of difficulty deciding what vocals to use. Even though I enjoy laying down vocals, I knew I wanted the delivery to really make an impact with force. I chose Lil Kim’s vocals from “The Jump Off” because she delivers exactly the vibe I want. Once I was able to chop the vocals, I laid them differently in the drops. Considering the first is at 128 and the second is something around 110 BPM, I knew I wanted to throw a different punch with each that the vocals could help deliver. 

Q5: We are curious and so is the world, who is killing it on Milazzo‘s radar? Give them a mountainous Milazzo shout-out from the rooftops above! 

A5: I’m super impressed with Night Bass freshman Ranger Trucco. He has this new EP calleFree Dessert with three different tracks that all slap. My favorite is the title track “Free Dessert” because of the vocals. The bassline is groovy and bouncy, but the vocals absolutely make that track for me. The lyrics are perfect and something everyone can relate to. Definitely keep an eye on him because he’s going places! 

More Milazzo? We thought so, so we found more. For you, of course!

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